[PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022

Hi, @LulucaL!

You can use our parcel on voxels for free for your event. :smiley:

Maybe to have a presentation on metaverse (nearhub, voxels etc) can be a thing you can add to your project. I would also add some way of publicizing and calling friends to watch the videos on metaverse.


I love the ideia, let’s do It! It’ll be a good way to learn more about how this voxel stuff works. Maybe the bounty can be for someone to help us set up this space since Igor and I don’t know anything about it (not even good technology for that). In this case, we can divide the incentive (83.33DAI) into 3 and work together on this installation. What about?


I think this idea is pretty cool! Do you already have someone in mind or is it going to be a bounty?

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I think making an open call for the entire Nearverse would be a good thing, but if you have someone to nominate I’ll accept it. I like @gushlewis work and everything I know about voxels I learned from him. So if he has time and will, my invitation is already here.

And about communication, we will produce cards for social media and spam in Near groups, as usual. And we would try to count with share in the DAO official channels and Near related profiles, of course.



Wonderful, Luluca. If you can, try to edit your proposal to add this.
As for me, I am pretty happy to approve the technical aspect.
As you are the only metacoin holder submitting a project, if it is technically approved by the other councils too, it is approved. @becopro @klarakopi @beetlejuice


So, editing the proposal here [PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022 - #5 by LulucaL

We will select and (re)produce Igor’s minichronicles and present the NFTs resulting from this production at an event/installation on DAO’s Voxels. For this, we will make a vernissage card to invite the Nearverse. The material will be distributed to DAOs and possible channels of partners for sharing. We are going to propose a bounty to find the person with the skill and knowledge to build together with me and Igor the voxels. Engaging the entire community in this.

We decided that the offered award of 250DAI should be split equally among those involved.

83.33DAI luluca_l.near
83.33DAI igormoura_near
83.33DAI bounty voxls maker

Timeline: the idea is to prepare everything asap , propose bounty, work together and launch the event by the end of the month, we just need to convert with the DAO schedule.

I hope the proposal now makes sense. Happy that we are already in this together :pray::innocent:


Super makes sense. Just 1 question: how are u opening the bounty? With your own resources? because people only receives from Metaverse DAO after the project is completed.

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Hey, hi, yes with the $ we are asking for here, but normally bounty is like this, we make the job and receive later. Right? I think as long as the terms are clear, it’s fine. We make a topic on the forum calling people. Go? :rocket:

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Nice. It is approved then! :smiley:
LESGO!!! :fire:

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Urruuuuuuull. I’ll make the bounty proposal and approve it with you. Very grateful for the opportunity. It will be very interesting I promise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

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YAY! Craving to see it, Luluca! But the resource is not right. It is 250 usd total, and you requested 264.99 total. Could you adjust that?

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@LulucaL message here above. It should be 83.33 DAI for each one of you.

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Ow! Great news my friends! Thank you @LulucaL for enjoying my writings and for leading the way on this wonderful proposal! And a big thank you for everyone who encouraged us by approving this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Can’t wait to start working on this project and I hope everybody can enjoy our results!


Great, @Igor_Nascimento. We are very glad. Could u ask @LulucaL to edit the proposal for the right value, my friend. :smiley:


Editei (I got confused at 8 and 3 ahahah Sorry) :heart:


@igormoura The right Igor ahahaahah :v::sunglasses:


Passing by to let you know that we are already working on the selection of minichronicles and I’ll be in touch soon to launch the bounty. :raised_hands::nerd_face:


Yeah!!! So excited! Please let the comment here, that we will spread the word of the bounty. :smiley:

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4the Record.

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L lê IMA ft ManuteGus para MetaverseDAO

Status: completed - although the installation will continue on the parcel for at least another 10 days increasing the data. We still have to distribute the wearables and draw L’s NFT (for the 20 people who signed the guestbook at the opening)


Bounty created for partner architect selection
and invitation Topics here

Updated Project Timeline:

The project was completed in the appropriate time. The artists had daily meetings to idealize and build the space together, even after opening for maintenance and any necessary adjustments.

Highlights and Final Products:

The installation itself is the ultimate super highestlight product, we have received a lot of feedback on the innovation of the space and how it is “never seen before”. We are really proud of It!

We could produce 7 NFTs on Mintbase, which we put for sale at the MetaverseDAO Historic Store, in order to have products that could gives back the spent resources. https://www.mintbase.io/thing/WN4W9nIf8Y7D8LEv6J-2F9D7Ah-xv1jjCg9k3wDkz54:nearmetaversehistory.mintbase1.near





3 wearables were also produced with 33 copies of each to gift for guestbook subscriptions (20 people). Leftover wearables could be distributed at upcoming events as memorabilia.

@becopro recorded a walk-through of the installation to post on DAO’s YouTube.

L donated this nft to raffle https://www.mintbase.io/thing/IAPVS92Xm6wAU2rw0tg5-gCBFQZwu6SDGNR_2qWIX2g:feminu.mintbase1.near

In addition to the minted works, videos, gifs, sounds, voiceovers, textures. Everything there (except the YouTube videos that are references to the chronicles and the naked guy in the tree) in the installation was produced by the artists with a lot of meaning and significance. Therefore, L and IMA are available for guided visits, if there is a desire. Just schedule and organize.

The communication strategy was to publish on social media, Video teaser and Gifs were produced for the launch. It were sent on the Telegram and discord channels of the Near community and channels of other protocols too. The content was shared by the artists and on Near partner profiles. Here are some metrics from L’s profile.

We closed a partnership with the Metatronic party where the after took place and it was amazing how organically one event could help the other in this public crossing. In each parcel was placed a teleport to the other so that people can have access to both events. In addition the party also spread the invitations together. Tnx to @Isa_Danoninho :revolving_hearts:

We are deeply grateful for the records made by @macieira and for the quick post on the forum invite with the parcel link. thephotosofthepartyturnedoutbeautiful.jpg, thank you very much​:v::sunglasses:


It was amazing. I, L, IMA and ManuteGus form a very successful team, at the same level of openness to experimentalism. We are infinitely grateful that the DAO allows us to create so freely. It was gratifying to learn from Gus about how to build voxels and all the pro tips he has and shared with us. Our wearables are too chic! How not to love? The project is a success. A lot of art has been produced, this last month was really uplifting and we are already planning a finissage, maybe…
I think @igormoura @gushlewis can talk more about how it was for them too.

Extra expenses:
1MATIC loan to send 20 wearables
Tnx @thephilosopher :pray::innocent:

Project saved here: L | Voxels Space

Payouts (I await guidance)

Thank you and thank you more, I can’t thank you enough. I wish that all work is like this and that more amazing projects can always happen. Let me know if something is missing from this report that I provided.