[PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022

Proponent: Metaverse DAO

NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: May 1st – June 30th (ONGOING)

The main objective of this project is to feed the METACOIN liquidity pool and fund the project that was voted on by METACOIN holders. We also will open new submissions from METACOIN holders here as soon as the project receives funding.


Justification (benefits):

The relevance of this project is to fulfill the ideal of decentralization over the decisions that are the very essence of DAOs and NEAR Foundation intentions. This is also important because it gives an important role to the community, by democratizing part of the budget for people who value and hold our token. This has an interesting consequence, which is to give a utility to the token and probably raise its price in the market.


We created the token METACOIN and put it in a liquidity pool with DAI. Our project is to keep feeding the liquidity pool, we already have a whitepaper (or similar document) for the token, and we will continue to publicize its swap possibility, distribute it through the community, and help METACOIN holders to submit and vote.

About the METACOIN token:

Contract address: metacoin.tkn.near

Max supply: 100,000

Utility: submission power and voting power on a project to be funded with 5% of our max budget.


June 3rd - 14th:

Publicizing of METACOIN and Decentralized Project.


June 3rd:

Feed liquidity pool (with May’s funding).

Start the project (we only give the funding after the completion of the project).

June 14th

To decide which project submitted we will fund this month (decision by holders).

June 28th:

To expect accountability for the project.

June 30th:

To make our accountability for METACOIN and the decentralized project.


250 USD in DAI: to feed the liquidity pool.

250 USD in DAI: to fund the decentralized project. (This will come from the last month’s request since we didn’t have any submissions to the project)


Final Products: METACOIN distributed among the community and in a liquidity pool, and a funded project of 250 USD in DAI budget.

P.S.: We’re thinking of discontinuing the project for now and only keep feeding the liquidity pool because we’re not getting a lot of interest in it and we also need better marketing for it, which we’re not able to handle alone at the moment.

Have a great creative month,

Metaverse DAO.


–>Also, you need to be a METACOIN holder. If you need help acquiring it, DM us.

Send your projects folks!! :smiley:

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METACOIN project financial movements - feeding pool METACOIN/DAI

Transfer METACOIN to external wallet:

Transfer DAI to external wallet:

Fedding the pool 2126 on Ref.finance:

250 DAI - 229,9948946793894 METACOIN


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Hey. As agreed on Telegram, follow the proposal. Thanks in advance for the opportunity. Let’s go do it!

L reads IMA

It’s a colab. Production of image/video/audio NFTs of the mini chronicles by @igormoura with voiceover by @LulucaL. The idea is to select mini chronicles and create on top of that together.
Thanks in advance for the opportunity. Let’s go do it!

You can read It here

The work is about researching the timeless chronicles and turning them into cryptoart so they can be sold in the artist’s profile (there is the possibility of turning it into Paras cards and opening Igor’s Profile there). Royalties and Revenues may be split between the artists and MetaverseDAO, if applicable.

It is important to note that this is a work done in Portuguese and there will be no translation of the material.

We can start as soon as possible and delivery will be at the end of the month in a 3xr gallery.

L: production, voice-over, art co-creation, make card and sharing on social media $150DAI to luluca_l.near
IMA: writing, design, art co-creation, make card and sharing on social media $150DAI to igormoura.near

Total $300DAI

That’s basically it, let me know if I need to say more or if I need to improve something in the proposal. We’ve been wanting to focus on Igor’s texts for a long time, it seems the time is now.


Luciana Colvara Bachili, Pelotas/RS/BR 1979, é graduada em comunicação e especialista em mídias sociais, radialista e locutora comercial desde 1996, também formada na turma 2016 no Grupo Experimental de Dança de Porto Alegre. Luluca L foi uma pessoa trans tudo, não-binária, dissidente, contemporânea, independente, performer experimental e artista visual entre 2015/2020 e morreu para valorizar suas obras. Na pandemia, renasceu como L, pós persona amadora invisível, e atua quase que exclusivamente no ecossistema web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverso. Minter na Mintbase, UniqArt, Auction e Paras, parceire de projetos, lojas, guildas e DAOs. Caçadore de Recompensas no Nearverse. Também presente em Tezos na Teia e 8bidou. Discord aLoca#9267 linktr.ee/luluca.ele

Igor Moura é formado em design gráfico e pós graduado em cinema, porém hoje ele acumula as funções de artista plástico, ilustrador, escritor, videomaker, radialista e artista digital NFT. Lançou o curta “Parasara” em 2009 e em 2015 fez a exposição “Sangue Sulamericano”, no Museu Guido Viaro. Segue escrevendo crônicas publicadas no portal “cultura930” e em seu blog pessoal “pace is the essence”. Recentemente teve dois textos selecionados para o “Meta Campfire”, publicados no “Near Forum” e na “NEAR Metaverse Magazine”.





Hi, Luluca. Good to receive your submission. Let me ask you something: how is your project related to metaverse? Because the decentralized project is to fund projects related to metaverse. If you want, you can edit your submission in order for it to have to do with the metaverse.

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Hi Hi. We start from the assumption that, just as Igor was awarded two stories already in a DAO event (metacampfire), we could probably close this partnership producing his original minichronicles. And we are open to finding out how this project can come closer to DAO’s expectations. Who knows an installation on voxels? What about? The relationship with the metaverse is precisely to transform Instagram posts (belonging to Meta) into web3 material and establish ownership for the artists.

Let me know if I answered your question and thanks again.


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Hi Luluca!
The project has to be related to the metaverse somehow, metaverse meaning virtual space, not the Metaverse DAO.
Instagram is a web2 website that belongs to a company named Meta, but it’s not a metaverse, neither Meta or Instagram.
And the value of the project it’s up to $250 in DAI.
Explain this possible installation on Voxels better, please :slight_smile:

Hope that clarifies it a bit. If you still have doubts you can ask in Portuguese also.

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Hi, yes, I understand. The project is related to the metaverse (3xr or Voxels) and the MetaverseDAO. And I think you misunderstood, I know that Instagram is web2 and such. What we are looking for here is precisely to turn the game where today who owns the content is Meta and we want to produce an improved version of the work and bring it to web3, where the artist owns it. As for the show on voxels, I need to talk better with you because I don’t know exactly what the terms are for occupying a parcel. Oh, and about the money, I think in the telegram chat I saw that the value should be 300DAI, but maybe I just got confused. No problem making it happen for 250DAI :raised_hands::innocent:

What if we opened a bounty for people to participate? Whether sharing the show’s opening event or creating other arts bringing the community together for the metaverse.

Like 50DAI bounty
200DAI split by me and @igormoura



Hi, @LulucaL!

You can use our parcel on voxels for free for your event. :smiley:

Maybe to have a presentation on metaverse (nearhub, voxels etc) can be a thing you can add to your project. I would also add some way of publicizing and calling friends to watch the videos on metaverse.


I love the ideia, let’s do It! It’ll be a good way to learn more about how this voxel stuff works. Maybe the bounty can be for someone to help us set up this space since Igor and I don’t know anything about it (not even good technology for that). In this case, we can divide the incentive (83.33DAI) into 3 and work together on this installation. What about?


I think this idea is pretty cool! Do you already have someone in mind or is it going to be a bounty?

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I think making an open call for the entire Nearverse would be a good thing, but if you have someone to nominate I’ll accept it. I like @gushlewis work and everything I know about voxels I learned from him. So if he has time and will, my invitation is already here.

And about communication, we will produce cards for social media and spam in Near groups, as usual. And we would try to count with share in the DAO official channels and Near related profiles, of course.



Wonderful, Luluca. If you can, try to edit your proposal to add this.
As for me, I am pretty happy to approve the technical aspect.
As you are the only metacoin holder submitting a project, if it is technically approved by the other councils too, it is approved. @becopro @klarakopi @beetlejuice


So, editing the proposal here [PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022 - #5 by LulucaL

We will select and (re)produce Igor’s minichronicles and present the NFTs resulting from this production at an event/installation on DAO’s Voxels. For this, we will make a vernissage card to invite the Nearverse. The material will be distributed to DAOs and possible channels of partners for sharing. We are going to propose a bounty to find the person with the skill and knowledge to build together with me and Igor the voxels. Engaging the entire community in this.

We decided that the offered award of 250DAI should be split equally among those involved.

83.33DAI luluca_l.near
83.33DAI igormoura_near
83.33DAI bounty voxls maker

Timeline: the idea is to prepare everything asap , propose bounty, work together and launch the event by the end of the month, we just need to convert with the DAO schedule.

I hope the proposal now makes sense. Happy that we are already in this together :pray::innocent:


Super makes sense. Just 1 question: how are u opening the bounty? With your own resources? because people only receives from Metaverse DAO after the project is completed.

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Hey, hi, yes with the $ we are asking for here, but normally bounty is like this, we make the job and receive later. Right? I think as long as the terms are clear, it’s fine. We make a topic on the forum calling people. Go? :rocket:

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Nice. It is approved then! :smiley:
LESGO!!! :fire:

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Urruuuuuuull. I’ll make the bounty proposal and approve it with you. Very grateful for the opportunity. It will be very interesting I promise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

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YAY! Craving to see it, Luluca! But the resource is not right. It is 250 usd total, and you requested 264.99 total. Could you adjust that?

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@LulucaL message here above. It should be 83.33 DAI for each one of you.

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