[PROPOSAL] Megamix Event - Gruta Compilation "Living La Vida Local"

Hi Gruta forwards local artists to the great wide web 3.0 with the Creatives DAO.

Since we made our first presentation in the Forum here, which pointed us in the direction of a collective mostly involved in Music, in its various formats it adapts and contextualises itself.


We released our first compilation on the 23rd of March, which has now achieved plenty of people and audiences, but we want to grow further now within the league of blockchain technology the same way as we were onboarded last year. Showing the work a decentralized way for sharing music and awarding people truly for their work.

It’s 18 tracks with 18 different music projects released, ranging from Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Beats and mixed genre stuff. Its released in the regular music platforms, and now through Web 3.0 concepts. Exciting!

Gruta V.A. - Living La Vida Local

We will have a special theme and way of crossing everything, which is creating different mega-mixes of the tracks in this compliation that will be presented and mixed by artists from the compilation.

Onboarding a new venue, different collectives and new audience to NEAR Protocol!

We want to make this by doing an Event in a venue in Almada, Portugal, while also onboarding the venue to the NEAR Ecosystem, called “A Casa do Burrikórnio”, translated to “The House of the Donkey-korn”, that will broadcast our compilation in the various format involved in Web 3.0 Ecosystems.

This space is an Association that also houses a lot of creative groups and projects. Gruta and Rádio Ophelia, have already collaborated and presented themselves to the Lisbon City Node, now part of the Regional Hubs and made projects and events with the well known Arroz Estudios in the NEAR Ecosystem since its inception. There are a few more collectives and individuals that have shown interest and work here at the Association, that we are trying to onboard to the NEAR Ecosystem and want to share more knowledge on how to engage with the conceptualization of the Web 3.0 environments .

Web 3.0 to be used for this compilation:

  • Live Streaming to the Metaverse of “mega-mix” different series of DJ sets from the different artists that participate in the compilation. Using only the tracks of the compilation.
  • Community Voting in the best Mega-Mix that will be distributed via NFT.
  • Music Compilation released via NFT with each track in Mintbase.
  • Customised 3XR Gallery for the compilation.
  • Experiment with cross connection Web 2.0 Music Platforms with Web 3.0 concepts like NFT and sharing them between those platforms.
  • Upload music to Tamago, a Web 3.0 music Platform.

Here are the a few of our ideias that we will put up live during the Event:

  • NFT’s Ticketing and Burning
  • NEAR Wallet and Ecosystem Onboarding
  • Best Compilation Voting via NFT’s. Buying the NFT compilation (cheap price) most bought NFT will represent the winner.
  • Buying drinks and food at the Bar with NEAR.

We majorly make this proposal to spread this Compilation with a lot of Web 3.0 ideas in mind, to experiment and conceptualise the possibilities in the Music Industry from now on.


Description Budget Target Person/Wallet
Onboarding Person $50,00 @parisinocencio - parisinocencio.near
3 Megamix Audio NFT $600,00 3 Artist to be booked and Onboarded
NFT Managing and Creation $50,00 Tiago Rosário - rosario.near
3 Music Acts $150,00 VEIA, Pan.demi.CK, Mee_K - 3 Artist to be booked and Onboarded
Production $150,00 @TRosario - rosario.near
Venue Renting $200,00 A Casa do Burrikórnio (Venue to be onboarded)
Food and Drinks $100,00 Gruta Production - gruta.near
Onboarding Airdrop NEAR $50,00 Gruta - gruta.near
Streaming Equipment $200,00 @jesuscrido - jesuscrido.near
Photography $80,00 André Curto - curto.near
Posters, Ads and Communication $100,00 Gruta - gruta.near
Sound Technician $80,00 Mee_K - mee_k.near
Artwork $80,00 André Curto - curto.near
Total $1890,00

We request a total of 1890$ of funding for this event.

Any doubts or questions, please do ask.

(Changes in artists and more information for wallets will be added)

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