[REPORT] June 2022 - Gruta DAO - Reestructure & Planning

After this month hibernation for planning Gruta is well prepared to focus and embark better in the Web 3.0 Journey. The full plan is explained in the Introduction Post that we made a few months ago.

Has the last month, this one also we didnt ask for any funding because we were restructuring our presence as project in Web 3.0 and NEAR Protocol with the knowledge the team already has and wants to deploy properly in a decentralized way via DAO decisions in our community and Council. Prefer not to rush and do things properly, a better plan is needed to work forward.

We also want to embark this journey properly with a sustainability plan and not funding dependent, via DeFi and Circular Economics in experimental ways, using our products, services and logitics available to us.

Wrapping everything together in the creatives industry, from music production to event production and logistics, to services and products available for all types of media used in this industry.

Explaining briefly the plans that we tought off for the journey for the following 3 months :

(More detailed in each Project Proposal and Proposal for Monthly Funding, but we describe here the a draft of main goals that we tought off)

Brief Roadmap 2022:

  • July

    • Website Phase 1º Restructure and Re-Launch with update visual and preparing to start developing dApp features. That can be found in our Introduction Post. Some more initial details about features will be written in the Proposal for July.

    • Onboarding and Web 3.0 Event using Gruta Label first compilation has a medium to achieve connection in Portugal between the music artists, general audience, venues and organizations in innovative ways using and showcasing concepts like DAOs, NFTs, VR and DeFi.

  • July - August - Final Steps to achieve full legal wrapper in Portugal via Cooperative Status that will concide us legal protection.

  • August

    • Planning and starting the development of a decentralized way of governance using a cooperative with Web 3.0 concepts. Utilizing the already available services, logistics and products available as a mean to create sustainability in the creatives industry.

    • Onboarding and Web 3.0 Event to be further developed to continuosly onboard more audience that can be interested in this concepts so we can grow our community.

  • September

    • Achieve the first part of stages of the dApp for Gruta for the creatives industry with simple features (to be described better in the future proposals or can be find the introduction post)

    • Onboarding and Web 3.0 Event using Music and Technology as a medium to grow the community.


This month the metrics continued the same, because we didn’t did any activities and spend most of our time planning and trying to understand better ways of extending our reach with this fresh start. Planning the great future ahead!

DAO Funds

We still have left 73 NEAR in the Astro DAO treasury, that we are saving for us to create legal wrapper in Portugal.