[REPORT] Gruta DAO - July 2022 - Fresh and out of Gruta!

Here is our report for the month of July, where we made a new beggining since being onboarded last year around this time in August 2021 with Gruta as a project, with web 3.0, the Creatives DAO and NEAR Protocol.

Project Name: Gruta DAO

Project Status: [In progress]

Project members:

@TRosario - rosario.near
@Tresa - tresa.near
@curto - curto.near
@parisinocencio - parisinocencio.near
@aredpanda - chotas.near
@jesuscrido - jesuscrido.near
Jonny Kadaver - kadaver.near
Mee K - mee_k.near

We just deployed and onboarded our full team to Astro DAO!

Currently we are experimenting with Groups of work inside the Astro DAO, with decisions and group voting policies, we want to go as decentralized as possible, have a fully deployed team and decision making with Web 3.0 concepts put really up to use.

Balance: Current account balance: $2,577

Our balance still has most of the fund from July, because it was so lated funded that we are now deploying the payments via AstroDAO completly for anyone involved in the projects or proposals. We will be updating this report has transfers are made.

Astro Dao: gruta.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Reports:

April & May 2022 | June 2022

Previous Funding Proposals:

April 2022 | June 2022


Project Reports:

Metrics and everything is described inside of each proposal report, we will be making a final report in the end of this thread.

1. Megamix event and NFT Megamix


This was quite successful in onboarding most of our creative team, using music has our medium and main focus of the DAO. People understood a lot of concepts and we were able to create NFTs, interconnect music industry websites that we already used for spreading our music and releases and also we where able to find more technologies uses within the NEAR Ecosystem.

2. Gruta Website out of hibernation.


The website development is rolling and we are on the way to successfully launch it by the end of August. The onboarded designer is working with us to have the design made so we can start populating all the website with the information we already have and any new that will be constantly made.


  • Onboarding:

    • acasadoburrikornio.near - Venue
    • veia.near - Music Artist
    • digitalpimphardatwork.near - Music Project
    • marianatengner.near - Venue President and Dancer/Choreographer
    • asuos.near - Web Designer
  • Minted 91 Unique NFTs from our Megamix Event.

  • Airdrop

    • We will be air droping to this new wallets 1N for each once our funding is managed since it was recieved so late this July.
  • Social Media Growth

    • We have seen a huge growth and expect more since we are on the stage of redeploying our social medias for newly upgraded projects. Prints follow:


We now have to better deploy our own internal concepts in Gruta with NEAR Ecosystem, there’s a few concepts like tickets for events, using NEAR as mean of payment for anything related to Gruta or consumed in our events. Also we want to onboard everyone in our DAO to get better knowledge about utilizating any options of web 3.0.

Next Steps:

- We are on the way to create our Legal Wrapper as cooperative in Portugal!

It has been a slower month then usual also since it’s vacation time so much of the people in our team and the portugueses offices are out of work. But we almost have all the information needed to create a cooperative and estabilish our Legal Wrapper as with a unique identity.

We should be able to accomplish our timeframe and have it almost finished by the end of August.

- Open a TG community chat and start broadcasting our ideas to the community and try and receive more comunication through this mean.

- Open a physical and redeemer shop in Mintbase for anything we have in Gruta.

- Plan our communication better so we can reach even different audiences, from creatives, to tech or more general audiences.


Any questions please do ask!

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