[REPORT] GRUTA DAO - Megamix Event - Successfully megamixed!

This is our report for our latest Megamix Event and experiment with Web 3.0 via the NEAR Protocol from Gruta DAO!

Here’s is the proposal.

MEGAMIX 2022 - Living La Vida Local

We were quite successfull in experimenting creating new sounds and mixing our compilation in brand new ways, the event was also quite the experiment for us to teach a few of our elements and about NFTs, Virtual Worlds, Blockchain technology and more specificly the NEAR Ecosystem.

Web 3.0 Concepts used:

  1. Our NFT Megamix from our latest compilation “Living La Vida Local” are released.

    Launched 3 Audio NFTs in Mintbase containing 3 different Megamixes from the artists DJ Mee_K, VEIA and Digital Pimp Hard at Work.

    Mintbase NFTs at Gruta DAO Mintbase store for sale now!

  2. Crossing music industry Web 2.0 technology with Web 3.0!

    Anyone that buy’s one of our resident musicians audio NFTs for this Megamix compilation will recieve another NFT as a reward, that they will be able to burn the NFT at one of our events for a free digital code for our compilation in Bandcamp!

    We want to find way’s to merge and connect Web 2.0 Music Plataforms with Web 3.0 concepts, NFTs and plataforms. So its easier to onboard more people and technology without compromising any aspect of the music industry.

    For example we are now describing in our Soundcloud Platform the possibility to buy these Mintbase NFTs also in the description of each of the Megamixes, connecting more and more plataforms. Opening new gates to interconnection between worlds of the music industry and new tech.

  3. Community Voting through support and buying of each of this NFTs!

    The most bought NFT Megamix will be the one to be showcased in the physical CD and available via Mintbase Redeemer we are doing for this compilation release!

    So support and choose the best NFT winner!
    Winners will be choosen on the 23rd of August after the streaming we are doing to launch this NFT Megamixes (More details bellow)

  4. Streaming the NFT Megamix for the all Gruta community!

    On the 23rd of August at 18h, we will be streaming this 3 created NFT Megamixes via Twitch and Facebook and you will be able to know the winner of the best Megamix!

  5. Buy these Megamix NFT in a virtual world, with 3XR.

    We created a NFT virtual gallery, with 3XR, that you can buy and support all the artists involved in the creation of the megamix event. Now shop without ever leaving the virtual world!

    Get our Megamix 3XR gallery here.

  6. We have now released our first release in Tamago.!

    You can find our profile, with our latest compilation tracks here at Gruta.
    Again please support us, we are doing fair prices for everyone, we want more to showcase our music and show this web 3.0 concepts then anything else.


We currently only recieved the funding from July and this event a few days ago, we are now proceding with the payments and demanding proof and links for Proposals on AstroDAO. We will be updating this thread with all the budget options done and payed for with the artists wallet and everyone onboarded.

Also next events we plan to better deploy physical and digital tickets bought online via NFT.
We plan to open a shop, dedicated to the redeem of stuff using Mintbase.

Wallets created during the event:

  • acasadoburrikornio.near - Venue
  • veia.near - Music Artist
  • digitalpimphardatwork.near - Music Artist
  • marianatengner.near - Venue and Association President

Any ideas or cool things to ask about this Megamix mashup with Web 3.0 please do ask!

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