[Proposal] Lisbon Hackathon Aug-Sept 12

Hi @mecsbecs & team, hope you’re well //
Ola @mecsbecs e equipa, boa tarde e espero que esteja bem,

We’re happy to be submitting this proposal for the Lisbon hacknode. In line with your overall proposal our aims are to bring people together in ideation & developing with the Near ecosystem. We’re going to be targeting individuals and organisations that can add value and be creative within & using the Near protocol.

In terms of logistics, we’re lucky to be able to provide our own venue so we get to save on organisational time & cost there. Our plan is to use the main indoor space of our arts venue which is a large open space with a bar, kitchen & toilets. We’ll set-up desks for 30+ people and staff the event. We also have a large screen with projector, sound system with microphones and TVs for working and presenting.

For promotion & communications, we’ll be starting independent communication channels for the event which can then be repurposed for the city node afterwards. We’ll also make use of our mailing list, social media channels and community to promote the event - specifically the opening and closings.

The project will tie in with our weekly events calendar in which we have cultural events everyday which you can see on our facebook page. The idea is that around 17 - 18h, the events will begin and the hackathon will naturally filter into a casual environment where the participants will be able to stay in the events afterwards [TBC].

Schedule [1st draft, to be developed]
27/08 - 11/09
Monday - Friday: 10am - 18h
Opening day: presentations 15h, networking 17h onwards
Closing talks: closing talks 15h


Initially we had thought the budget proposed in the global hackathon was in NEAR so had budgeted for a 11day event which of course meant a larger budget. Between the initial proposal and now (03/09) the value of NEAR has increased greatly and we also have a better understanding of our actual costs / time spent, so the below budget is an up to date representation and the NEAR estimates are taken at 4.50€ which has a factor of conservatism included for fluctuations.

Staffing & Operations cost - 1024.6NEAR. Target: equipadoarroz.sputnikdao.near

  • Events Management & production @halisonlp / @TRosario - total time spent = 3 weeks each. Requested: 834NEAR
  • Project & promotions lead: @StevenR - total time spent, 1 week. Requested: 139NEAR
  • Graphic Design: @ericadoo - total time spent, 2 days. Requested: 51.6NEAR
  • Dev / Facilitator cost - not applicable as yet

Venue, total - 2925€ = 650NEAR. Target address is arrozestudios.near

  • Space & Equipment hire (11days) - 1650€ = 367NEAR
  • Venue staffing costs, Food & drinks (1 member of staff for food & drink prep, 11 days assuming average of 10 people/ day, lunch + 1 drink)- [week 1 was 480€, so estimate a total of 1k€] = 222 NEAR
  • Enhanced internet connection, 274€ for 11 days = 61NEAR

Total requested: 1674.6NEAR

Timeline [1st draft, to be developed]

  • Initial kick-off with the team [week beginning 09/08]
  • Event assets production [week beginning 09/08]
  • Event launch [week beginning 16/08]
  • Promotion [16/08 - end]
  • Intro workshop: What is a hackathon [25/08]
  • Hackathon opening day [27/08]
  • Mid-hackathon review [02/09]
  • Hackathon closing day [11/09]
  • Reporting & feedback [w/b 13/08]

Deliverables & payment schedule [1st draft, to be developed]

  • On event launch 33%
  • On start of event 33%
  • On close of event 33%

The payout address is: lisboa-hack.sputnikdao.near

Please let us know if you have any questions //
Por favor, informe-me de quaisquer comentários ou perguntas. Grato como sempre :pray:


Looks amazing! Per our conversation, would be necessary to get at least 1 dev involved in the Lisboa Hack Node. If your leads in Berlin do not pan out, let us know!

There also needs to build out a Challenge for the Hack Node to host and there is funding available per the Hack Node Open call for this:

  • Prize pool of x NEAR for their local hack node $5,000 This is the challenge money they can put up to the winners their judges/they select.
  • Register your Challenge here: [Open Call] Challenge Partners for MetaBUIDL (Aug27-Sep11)
  • The dev you select should be at least one of the judges for this Challenge, and ideations can happen here on the Forum for the judge(s) to select as the top submission - start a new Topic/Thread here on the Forum to host these ideations under this Global Hackathons subcategory with the “Lisboa Hack Node” mentioned in the subject line

The discussion of the challenge centering around the tokeneconomics of launching an Arroz token (the potential uses, the mechanics of it, etc.) seemed like a great start toward a challenge you could propose!

Let me and @chloe know if you need any further support and looking forward to an updated proposal with the above soon.


Once there’s a more solid budget accounting for the min. 1 dev, the requested prize pool access, etc. then we can discuss proceeding to next steps recarding that first payout for launch next week (in line with your timeline above).

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Thanks for the responses Rebecca

Ok great, I’ll look into the Dev & put the challenge suggestion to our team :pray::pray: back soon


Hey, just following up here ~ do you need any support for the MetaBUIDL event, August 27 - September 12? Additionally, we’re looking forward to the following hackathon in October.

Feel free to submit a payout proposal to the Community Squad DAO.

How To Submit a Proposal

Coordinate with the Hackathon Guild

Led by @theChosenOne and @pransh:


Hi @jlwaugh , thanks for reaching out.

Just had a chat with @TRosario and i think we might need help on the technical side, so it would be setting up the overall challenge & finding suitable judges. We’ve got a really nice idea, just need to get the technical wording together

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Here goes the proposal for the Hackathon Challenge created by Arroz Criativo.
Prepared and written by @tabear!

Creating a Use Case for Social Tokens

As the first physical space and association in Lisbon which is working with NEAR, we are looking forward to implementing our own social token. For a reference: our cultural association has around 9000 members in total, runs 7 events per week, works with volunteer & paid roles and offers studio and coworking spaces for artists in Lisbon.
In order to implement our own token we are opening a challenge for tokenomics experts!


Arroz Criativo is looking for a roadmap/plan on how to implement, use and distribute its own social tokens. What could the tokens be used for? How could liquidity be added? What would be a possible emission plan, market cap, total supply etc.? It should be a complete guide on the possibilities of social tokens which can also be used by other associations worldwide that would like to implement their own social token and are new to the crypto/token sphere.

Submission Requirements

  • Graphic elements/presentation (slides for ex.)
  • Possible use-cases
  • Using the according forum thread in the Arroz Criativo category in the NEAR gov. forum for participation/updates & uploading the created presentation

Arrozcriativo DAO

Judge Contact @StevenR

Any ideas on how to develop this further and help us create a great guide for helping infinite projects with Social Tokens.

Our challenge on the MetaBUIDL Airtable.

Send over a message or follow up the a post here!


Hi @StevenR - makes sense that there’s been some slow-down as you find your dev, so as you’re working that out bear in mind that you can still post your payout for the first installment of 33% of your overall budget [as it is currently] to the CommunitySquad DAO so your DAO has funds to get you started.

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I know you were prioritizing someone who is local but perhaps @yassine is willing and able to assist? Teleconferencing in could be an option!

Always want to connect our creative dev folks!

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Ok great, i’ll put that through later today or tomorrow - thanks :pray:


Here is the presentation thread for our Lisbon Hackathon Challange. Follow up there for more details, full talks, line-up and workshops.

Any ideas, hacks or propositions feel free to add there.

I hope to see you all online or in person at Arroz Estúdios if possible ! :grinning:


Hey @StevenR ,
Your proposal looks good. Can you please schedule a call with us so we can understand how we can help you host a great event: Calendly - Pratik Parmar


Now to introduce the Lisbon Hackathon there will be a introductory workshop “What is a Hackathon” this next Wednesday at Arroz Estúdios.

Here is the event. Come on by if you are in Lisbon!


@ross - now you’re in Lisbon you should check one of these Lisboa Hack Node events out!

Just did it, speak tomorrow


Just submitted this @mecsbecs, sorry for the delay :pray:

Tomorrow we have the first day of the Hackathon in Lisbon!

Kick-off session from 10h until 17h. We will have 2 talks given by @vandal about the NEAR Ecosystem and Social Tokens.

Register here: https://forms.gle/XsvgEPBnQjyYvXsp7

Facebook Event: Here

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Following up the development on the Lisbon Hack Node, here we are on our second day after a awesome Kick-Off last friday, more information in the thread and some photos.

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Reposting the work report for the month of August for our Lisbon Hack Node.

Any comments or details explained please feel free to ask.


Hi team, just to update on the budget of this. @TRosario and me went through it today and updated.

Highlights are:

  • Originally we thought the budget was in NEAR and not $ so we designed our event for a 11-day budget which may of exceeded the global budget guidelines
  • Since the proposal and now, the value of NEAR has increased significantly, and we now have a better estimate of our costs which are lower (budget has been updated above) which has helped balance things.
  • We now estimate our total budget will be 1674.6NEAR which is more or less 7.5k€ / 9k$. We have already had a payout of 1139NEAR so will be submitting another once this has had approval.

@mecsbecs please have a read to get reacquainted and we’ll await your consensus :+1:t4:

Thanks all