[Closed] Funding Request To attend NearCon For 19 year Old Hacker

Hello Everyone, I am 19 year old Near Developer from India I have been involved in Near Ecosystem for quite a while from now, But never really got chance to meet and make New connections irl, Hence I badly want to attend NEARCON22 and meet new devs participate in Hackathon [ for which I got qualified ] , increase adoption of Near in India and build Dapps on chain.

I got Qualified as a HACKER for this NEARCON22 and I claimed my ticket to event as well.

But the thing is as a 19 year old I cant afford travelling charges to NEARCON22 [Lisbon]

So I request to please consider my funding about travel expenses to Lisbon , I would be glad to attend , participate in Hackathon and make new connections

Total amount for my travel and other expenses : 2.5k dollars [according to current flight prices from india to Lisbon]

Thank you in Advance I would be soo thankful I raise my funding and I make it to attend NEARCON22.

Funding Details:

  • Total : 2,000 dollars
Activity Budget
Travel Expenses (round trip) $1600
Transportation $200
Hotel Costs (5 nights) $500
Additional Expenses (5 nights) $100

Flight Costs

Flight Costs

Costs are around 120k INR round trip that would be 1600 dollars at current prices

Hotel Prices

Hotel accommodation

it would be 40k INR for 5 nights 600 dollars and
additional 100 for 6 nights needs

Email or credibility regarding my selection

Email proof


  • To participate in NearCon hackathon and build some creative projects
  • get involved into existing projects on ecosystem and contribute my skills
  • Gain new connections onboard new projects
  • Increase Adoption and awareness in INDIA and other parts.
  • Educate about the ecosystem

Love to see young people as you developing on NEAR!


Congrats :tada: :clap: keep going partner

May the force be NEAR u :metal:


Congrats on being qualified for the Hackathon in Lisbon! I truly would like to see you have the opportunity to attend but could you be more descriptive on the fees needed in regards to funding? Could you add links/screenshots for travel, stay and accomodations prices?

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Sure thank you for attention I updated the Proposal with Screenshot’s and details about funding

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Thank you for the update!

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Thanks for posting this! Sent you a DM on telegram :slight_smile:


Congrats for getting qualified

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Hey Jay, Really glad to see young Indian developers in NEAR :fire::heart_eyes:. Very well deserving to go and attend NEARCon. I hope this will be approved :v:

Cheers mate, keep up the good work! :rocket:

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Thank you from bottom of my heart for cheering me up everyone


Tagging @marketingdao-council for review


Hello, @FritzWorm @zubairansari07 @Benz_Near do you familiar with the applicant?

I see many positive comments in the thread :grin:

Should I support his proposal? Thanks


Hi Dacha, No I have just seen his proposal here :smiley: and being a young hacker getting qualified I think it’s a great thing.

Before asking you to support it directly I would first ask @jayendra_m.near to attach any qualification certificate/email for the credibility.

And secondly, please take this comment as a guide and see the hotel/flight links in this and check if you can revise the budget accordingly,


Sure thank you for the Attention

here is email for the credibility regarding my selection as a hacker


Thanks Jay, Please check the above comment also that I attached as a guide for Lisbon tickers and accommodations :blush:

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Not familiar with the applicant. Just tagged marketing for right vertical for funding the tickets



Thanks for tagging me,

It looks good, and I think the calculation is appropriate. I also support the initiative!

Congratulations @jayendra_m.near btw!


Thanks for your confirmation Stan! :blush:

Hey @Dacha I believe @jayendra_m.near deserves to be at NEARCon and contribute more to our ecosystem with his developer skills :star_struck:


Ok, happy to support. Have a great day!


lets go king love to see it