[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - Behindie Creative Music Event

[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - Behindie Creative Music Event

Funding period: December 2021

Team Members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

shubham007.near - @Albhion

Target: kalakendra dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $750/81.5NEAR

The concept of the planned event Behindie Music:

Carnatic music(a popular South Indian traditional music) and Classical dance have a glorious tradition of lecture-demonstrations. Lec-Dems are a rich form of infotainment as well as audience engagement where artists demonstrate the intricacies of their craft to an enlightened audience through a show that is part performance, part masterclass. Behindie Music is planning to take this format to the Indie-music scene where independent musicians interact with a small and curated group of rasikas (music-lovers) through their lec-dem performance. This interaction is videographed in the style of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ and will also be streamed in the Cryptovexels & YouTube or Twitch.

In the first episode which will take place over a weekend on

25th/26th December 2021(depending on the availability of venue) .

We are planning to feature two artists and the expected audience count is about 30 - 50.

The artists featured are

Pradeep Kumar ( Near Wallet to be Created)

Pradeep Kumar- Instagram, Pradeep Kumar (musician) - Wikipedia

A famous South Indian playback singer & NFT enthusiast who will demonstrate his fusion music and Tharun Sekhar who has reconstructed an ancient instrument,

Tharun Sekhar ( Near Wallet to be Created)

(This Chennai musician is reinventing ancient instruments from different countries - The Hindu, https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/yazh-ancient-musical-instrument-india )

This Chennai musician is reinventing ancient instruments from different countries
by researching on the books and to reinvent the music instrument. He reinvented Yazh an arched harp used in ancient Tamil music. He uses these instruments to take independent Tamil music in a uniquely new and exciting direction.

As this is a series of events which will happen each and every month with different sets of people, we will be airdropping NEAR tokens to all the participants and also educate them about the NFTs to promote NEAR Ecosystem.

Output Measured for the Event:

  1. Entire Event Will be Minted as NFT and will be sold on KalakendraDAOs Mintbase Store
  2. Event Tickets are Likely to be Distributed as NFTs
  3. Near Wallets will be Created through Near Drops to the Audience for purchasing NFTs Minted on Mint Base.
  4. Near Protocol & KalakendraDAO logos will be printed in the Physical Banners and also in the Event posters created which will be shared across our Social media platforms.
  5. Streaming on Metaverse and Youtube or Twitch on KalakendraDAOs Platform for Promoting Near Protocol and KalakendraDAO.
  6. Awareness to other Artist Gathered during the Event about Near Protocol and KalakendraDAO

Selected Venue: Poo Mediaworks studio

Budget Proposal:

Artist Fee: $ 150/artist *2 = $300

Physical Venue Fee: $ 75/day = $75

Crypto Vexel: $50

Videography cost: $100/day = $100

Snacks and soft drinks for event participants: $ 50/day = $50

Banner printing and promotion: $ 100

Miscellaneous costs: $ 75

Total cost of Behindie Music: $750/81.5 NEAR