[Approved] Making small music NEAR festival in Goa

We have idea to create small free entrance music festival in Goa, india

Just 2-4 hours live music with 5-15 musicians, introducing words about NEAR, behind stage big poster to put NEAR MUSIC FESTIVAL
and all people Who create wallet gift NFT

Budget i Plan like from 500-1500 $
Depends invilved people for It
What u think @vandal


Hey @dmitryne thanks for posting this! Can you edit this post to provide a bit more detail about the following:

  • What is the venue?
  • When will it happen?
  • Who are the musicians? If you can provide links or information about them that would be great!
  • Breakdown of the budget: How much for the musicians, how much for organizing, how much for the banner.
  • I think it would also be good to include documentation, like photo/video of the event while it’s happening. If you can livestream that would be even better!!!

Hope this help you refine this proposal, I think it’s a great idea!!!


Great plan!
I am in :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:


Ok great. One last thing, the NxM budget usually won’t cover event budgets over $1000 and currently we limited resources left so if it’s possible to look at a cap of $750 that should be doable!

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As I mentioned. We can allocate $750 from NxM funding for this, however you plan to structure your budget is up to you, if you can include the video in the amount available then that would be great! If not, just take photos or short clips to share with people.

For the streaming, normally we use Twitch. If it’s too much to fit in the budget, again don’t stress it too much. It’s just nice to be able to offer the experience to everyone out here!

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Would Love to Attend this Near Music Festival in GOA! LFG


We use Twitch because we can embed it in Cryptovoxels. This is where most of our events are streamed for community members to join and experience.

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About the payout, it’s usually done after events finish. But if you need a % of funds before the event happens make sure to list that in your proposal. Also, NxM funding proposal for November has yet to be submitted for approval. So you would need to wait. Just finish up the proposal to the points I touched on above and let’s make it happen


Dear @dmitryne you’re one on leader (Indian swarm) in Transform guild, which got 3000N directly from Ilia one month ago.
I think, you can do directly request to your guild’s DAO. Now, there are 101N ($1000) in treasure


Attn: @vandal @creativesdao-mods @David_NEAR

And :clap:Thanks :clap:for :clap:cool :clap:YouTube :clap:channel :clap:






Good morning.
No, problem, your DAO has $1000, feel free to use them.

Sorry, I don’t know. I just put attention councils that Transform guild (you’re one of guild leader (Indian Swarm) has $1000 in DAO. You work together with Transform leadership to reach some purposes, probably, music festival wasn’t one of them. By the way, you had N3000 in treasure.

Don’t get me wrong, but every guilds have own limited budget.

As one of TRANSFORM guild leader you can create payroll proposal and write guild’s report in “guilds” tread. May be king of collaboration with NxM.

Have a great day!

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Exactly dude. Don’t worry about it. Feel free to ask me any questions here or in pm.
Have a great day!

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Hey @dmitryne, we’ve set aside some budget for this in our November funding proposal, if you can add the above details to the post we can move fwd to support this initiative!


Trance Beach Party
Organic Trance Project
with support of NEAR Protocol and OpenWeb Community.Goa
The idea is both to support authentic musical show of Organic Trance Project as well as to inform people, who come to the party, about OpenWeb and to involve them into the Near Protocol Ecosystem.
Participation in such events is an essential step to develop a community of people in Goa(India) who start to understand and use Near in their lives. So our main aim here on the concert this Saturday (13th of November 2021) is to create new Near accounts and to get followers for our new Instagram account (Login • Instagram ).
The Organic Trance Project is a delightful community of artists who create live contemporary dance music on traditional and modern instruments, which beats and unbroken rhythms gets everyone in a real trance experience under the starry sky and keep dancing for hours. Their concerts are pure live experiment and improvisation. Login • Instagram
Many people of north Goa visit their show every Saturday on the Arambol beach, as well as Market happens at the same place.
So we can use both – and stage, where we’ll put banners with logo of NEAR and our OpenWeb Community; and market, where we’ll decorate a table with info-people who will help to create accounts for visitors, offering tea and donuts as a result of collaboration with Bakery (Login • Instagram )
Also we plan to print stickers with NEAR logo and QR-code of our Instagram page, and to spread it during the concert.

After the event we will be able to provide:

  • how many people joined Near with the help of our team
  • how many people start to follow our Instagram page
  • stories mentions and posts in Instagram from concert visitors
  • photo and video reports from our team about how it happened


  1.   Team of Organic Trance Project – fee

20.000 ₹ (= 270$)
2. Print of promo:

  1.   Banner logo NEAR 1140х570 – 2 items
  2.   Banner logo NEAR 570х285 - 1 i.
  3.   Banner logo OWC.GOA 3000х600 - 1 i.
  4.   Logo NEAR & OWC.GOA - 1 i.
  5.   Stickers with logo NEAR - 100 pieces
  6.   Design

5.000 ₹ (= 70$)

  1. Prizes:
  • among informators, according to the results of registered guests
  • among new users for creation first NFT

5.000 ₹ (= 70$)

  1. Compliment from Sweet Backery
    Donuts and tea for guests who create NEAR account during the event

5.000 ₹ (= 70$)
5. Team of OpenWeb Community Goa
fees for 10 people

20.000 ₹ (= 270$)


55.000 ₹ (= 750$)

After all, it’s the first event from the series, and further we are going to create quests and games with Near NFT, collaborate with more places around and finally in 1-2 months we’ll be able to create branded NEAR Festival


Thanks for updating the proposal @dmitryne! Looking fwd to supporting this initiative.



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@dmitryne i have heard that Goa gets much more crowd during December. Wouldn’t it be better to push it out to December and do the event?
That way you will have more time to plan it out as well and NEAR India community can try creating some small amount of buzz around the event too and make arrangements so some people from across the country can try and join

I understand @dmitryne
Ya that would be good to do a small event first.
Where is the Sweet Bakery located btw?
Would love to visit sometime.
Would be good to connect with your friends team as well

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@sidpillai91 Sweet bakkery looking like this on video u can check , thank you

And u can check out in reality ahha too