[Approved] Making small music NEAR festival in Goa

We have idea to create small free entrance music festival in Goa, india

Just 2-4 hours live music with 5-15 musicians, introducing words about NEAR, behind stage big poster to put NEAR MUSIC FESTIVAL
and all people Who create wallet gift NFT

Budget i Plan like from 500-1500 $
Depends invilved people for It
What u think @vandal


Hey @dmitryne thanks for posting this! Can you edit this post to provide a bit more detail about the following:

  • What is the venue?
  • When will it happen?
  • Who are the musicians? If you can provide links or information about them that would be great!
  • Breakdown of the budget: How much for the musicians, how much for organizing, how much for the banner.
  • I think it would also be good to include documentation, like photo/video of the event while it’s happening. If you can livestream that would be even better!!!

Hope this help you refine this proposal, I think it’s a great idea!!!


I Will replay tommorow, thank u


Great plan!
I am in :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:


Ok great. One last thing, the NxM budget usually won’t cover event budgets over $1000 and currently we limited resources left so if it’s possible to look at a cap of $750 that should be doable!

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Of corse we can use It opportunità
Tommorow we give u more info with @denni_wild

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Where we can do livesrream
on instagram?

How much i can ask budget for organisation and video report?

I videomaker too can do videoreport like this
, I did this video

As I mentioned. We can allocate $750 from NxM funding for this, however you plan to structure your budget is up to you, if you can include the video in the amount available then that would be great! If not, just take photos or short clips to share with people.

For the streaming, normally we use Twitch. If it’s too much to fit in the budget, again don’t stress it too much. It’s just nice to be able to offer the experience to everyone out here!

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When u ready send payment?

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Why livestream by Twitch?
U already have there community for showing?
I never heard about Twitch :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:🤷
But we can explore it, if it important

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Would Love to Attend this Near Music Festival in GOA! LFG


Welcome, information very soon
Poster and etc

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We use Twitch because we can embed it in Cryptovoxels. This is where most of our events are streamed for community members to join and experience.

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About the payout, it’s usually done after events finish. But if you need a % of funds before the event happens make sure to list that in your proposal. Also, NxM funding proposal for November has yet to be submitted for approval. So you would need to wait. Just finish up the proposal to the points I touched on above and let’s make it happen


We will have meetup tommorow, after this i give u details
I sent few examples video in telegram

Dear @dmitryne you’re one on leader (Indian swarm) in Transform guild, which got 3000N directly from Ilia one month ago.
I think, you can do directly request to your guild’s DAO. Now, there are 101N ($1000) in treasure

Attn: @vandal @creativesdao-council @David_NEAR

And :clap:Thanks :clap:for :clap:cool :clap:YouTube :clap:channel :clap:



I just have some idea about music festival,
And just asking here
Because i have more time to do more projects to increase power of NEAR,

If i did something wrong sorry for because i didnt know

Anyway it still starting project and we still have discussing

I will ask transform guild @INFINITY about this
Thank you

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75 near i was accepted for my video works in October

Not for music festival in November

Music festival is new idea which i want realise i november, i think for music festival we need some extra budget, plus if my video production is good for Near i can still continue work but i want accept some payment for it too

Thank you

Now , I understand what budget for music festival i need reqest it from guild transform

I have many ideas to promote NEAR,
And then now i need to all ideas to realize i need ask only from guild transform? @Dacha @INFINITY ?

Also i want to be part of proposal mixtape , there is can be buget to create my own music track for mixtape, @vandal @Dacha

This buget to create this track i need ask from guild transform too? @Dacha