[REPORT] Monthly report Kalakendra DAO December

Project Name: Kalakendra DAO

DAO: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near



gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

shubham007.near - @Albhion

Project Accounting: 50.2N = 775 USD

29.2N = 451 USD on Astro DAO

21N = 322 USD on KalakendraDAO wallet

  1. Project/Event - Behindie Music

We had an astonishing event happened on 26th Dec 21 for Kalakendradao & the event came out very well which can be covered in 2 aspects: creative side & community side. The Event is Available on Kalakendra YouTube

On the creative side

We had an artist who was able to perform carnatic music who was able to perform in 4 different languages and we also had an AMA session at the end.

The AMA session was amazing and we got so many questions related to music and also about NFTs

About the event was good

On the community side:

On social media we got great followers organically - we have 45 followers on Twitter & 47 followers on Instagram.

We got a couple of inquiries as well from people who are residing in different states that they would like to create a DAO under KalakendraDAO and conduct events in their city. And we have shared the proposal format and we are looking forward to reviewing them.

There was a good interaction between the artists & the community

On CryptoVoxels we would like to thank @metaverseguild and it went really well. We had 50 views and it came out really well

A sample NFT for Record Has been minted on Metasversao Mintbase Store

Once the raw footage is available we will mint the event as NFT and share it to the audience and sell it in the Kalakendra store in mintbase.

we tried to create a wallet for everyone who attended the event. For this purpose we had an airdrop campaign on NEAR and it went really well. About 10 wallets became active right now and we are expecting some more people to create them.

Amount Break Down

Expense NEAR USD
Cryptovoxels Venue 4 $57
Studio Rent $100
Lights $34
Videographer $100
Audiographer $60
Miscellaneous $125
Tshirt/Swag $161
Printing/Banners/Poster Design $100
NEAR Airdrop 13.5 $185
Artist Fees $150

Total - 1072 USD

2.Second Educational Session on NFTs on 02-01-2021

Postponed to 23rd Jan 2022

Funding from Last Month

3. Overall DAO Moderation - Due to Unforeseen Circumstances the Artist Band “Otha Sevuru” could not able Make to the Event. 150USD in INR is Available which will be shared among three Council Members - 50USD Each.


  1. It was Relatively Difficult to Educate Artists and Audience About NFTs, Blockchain, Web3, and Overall Near Protocol because of the Less Regional Educational Content.

  2. It was Difficult to give Information and Links to Connect with Kalakendra with the Artist and Audience. Where Information is bits and Pieces.


  1. Artists Who are already a Band Wants to Create a DAO Under a KalakendraDAO. This Creates an Umbrella for all the DAOs for artists under Kalakendra Verticals.

Social Media Engagement December Month:

  1. Twitter - 45 Followers

  1. Instagram - 47
  2. Telegram - 69

Thank you!