[APPROVED] KalakendraDAO - December 2021

[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - December 2021

Funding period: December 2021

Team Members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

shubham007.near - @Albhion

Target: kalakendra dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $998/108 NEAR

December Plans:

November has been a fantastic month for KalakendraDAO and you can find more details about our activities here on our November month report.

As we are slowly growing we would like to focus more on increasing the Marketing activities of our DAO and also we are collaborating with @Psycopomp to conduct our first one of a kind event in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India mixing physical and metaverse space through KalakendraDAO & conduct our second educational session on NFTs.
The following are the events planned for the month of December

  1. Behindie Creative Music Event: -

Requested fund for the event : $750/81.5 NEAR

  1. Second Educational Session on NFTs on 02-01-2021

Requested fund for the event : $148/16 NEAR

  1. Marketing activities planned for December - Moved the funding request to MarketingDAO

  2. Overall DAO Moderation: $100

Total funding requested: $998/108 NEAR

Target payout address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Please ask any questions/need clarifications and we would be happy to address them.



This looks interesting! I’m just a bit confused about the way the proposals were published on the Forum. It seems this proposal includes every proposal for the month of december, right? I will go ahead and change the other tags, so it doesn’t confuse the community.

(I will change it from creatives DAO to simply creatives).

Until Kalakendra has it’s own category, this seems a nice way of organising information.



Hey! @frnvpr, Thank you for the Clarification, Will Try to Keep Organised for the Upcoming Post. Hoping we Get out Own Category Soon on Creatives!


Hey there, thank you for the update!

As the 3. proposal has been sent to the Marketing DAO, the new funding value would be 898$ I assume?


Hey @tabear , fyi…
3. Has beed moved to Marketing dao.
And the proposal is requested for 998usd excluding the moved request


Thanks for editing this :slight_smile:

Your budget is approved, please proceed with the payout proposal of 108N to the Creatives DAO.