[Closed] Marketing activities for KalakendraDAO December 2021

[Proposal] Marketing activities planned for KalakendraDAO December 2021

November has been a fantastic month for KalakendraDAO and you can find more details about our activities here on our November month report.

We are slowly growing organically and these are the number of followers we acquired on November 2021.

Telegram - 13 Followers

Twitter - 24 Followers

Facebook - 2 Followers

Instagram - 9 Followers

We would like to focus more on increasing the Marketing activities of our DAO. We are conducting our first one of a kind event in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India mixing physical and metaverse space through KalakendraDAO & conduct our second educational session on NFTs.

We are planning to run an online campaign on Social media - Facebook & Instagram until our first physical event to get more people on board to KalakendraDAO to signup for our educational sessions so that we can spread more about NEAR Protocol & NFTs in general.

Our design is ready for campaigns and we are planning to start the campaign for 5$/day and the campaign budget is $100.

These are the number of Indian creative artists we expect to follow KalakendraDAO by the end of the campaign.

Twitter: 30 Followers

Instagram: 50 Followers

Facebook Page: 20 Followers

Budget for Marketing: $100/11 NEAR

Target payout address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Please ask any questions/need clarifications and we would be happy to address them.


Good evening. Going to support your awesome project. Have a great day!