[Proposal] Holistic Pilgrim based on NEAR Lands

Twitter: NEAR Holistic


The world NEAR Holistic based on NEAR Lands with its own history (Middle Ages, but the world is not quite our world). The history of the world will develop depending on the actions of the players. As planned, the world will also change its appearance from the events / decisions of the players. Displaying history on the Holistic Pilgrim website.

And also at any time players can spend time in this world - listen to music in the park, hold meetings, visit the NFT gallery etc.

Main events:

  1. Puzzles/puzzles;
  2. Random events;


Puzzles/puzzles will be rewarded. Rewards: NEAR, internal token (?). Some puzzles can be made in such a way that players interact with NEAR ecosystem projects (for example: throw Ref Finance into the liquidity pool; interaction with the Croncat contract created for the puzzle).

An example of a simple puzzle:

  1. Interaction with the title plate on the map;
  2. Link to the text of the puzzle after the interaction;
  3. Solving the puzzle by the player: 3.1. Mint NFT via a unique link; 3.2. Sending NFT to a specific wallet (as a confirmation of the decision);
  4. The results of the puzzle.

History of the world.

After each solution of the puzzle, the results will be summed up and depending on the result (the percentage of players who solved the puzzle / not solved the puzzle / only one solved the puzzle), the history of the world will change. The history of the world in milestone will be recorded on the blockchain. Major events will be displayed on the Holistic Pilgrim website.

First puzzles/puzzles:

  1. Collect items on the map;
  2. Simple puzzles (they won’t be directly in NEAR Lands)

NFT project.

NFT project in the project NEAR Holistic Pilgrim universe. These are generated unique pixel avatars with different attributes/clothing etc.

What is already done for the project:

  1. The introductory part of the history of the world was written and some characters were thought out (The player will be in the role of one of the characters in the game)

  2. Pixel avatars and some attributes/clothes are drawn

  3. A rough plan of the world is drawn (.tmx map in Tiled).

  4. Website design

Road map:

  1. Completion of the complete world map NEAR Holistic Pilgrim (80% done)
  2. Elaboration of the history of the world. (writer)
  3. Drawing pixel art - landscapes, avatars, images for website (pixel artist)
  4. Ordering animation/video creations (motion designer)
  5. Design / website creation / project promotion (myself)

The project was warmly received by people (and not only from the NEAR ecosystem). And with your support, I’m sure everything will work out :slight_smile: