[PROPOSAL] Site Develop

[PROPOSAL] Site Develop


We need a website for two purposes

  • to have one place where all our projects are displayed using our visual Id.
  • to display how decentralised spiritual community works and to onboard more communities via spiritual DAO.

the project

We already have a total of

  • 25 Guided Meditations
  • 10 Yoga videos
  • 30+ spiritual artworks (to be converted put on merch)

to be uploaded in the 1st upload.

The site will contain:

Home page - will talk about Spirutual DAO and what the community aims to achieve

Community page - This page will talk about our decentralised community on NEAR and will have a list of community members and their social media links.

Metaverse - will have the link of the NearHub space, images from the past event, calendar of the meet-ups. This will potentially help us onboard more people as they register for metaverse based events.

NFTs - We will have collectibles, merchandise and membership NFTs which will help us in the path of being more sustainable.

Blog - A lot of content will be generated to inform people about how they can bring their community onto Spiritverse and how our metaverse will help their community grow. They will be informed about how to use nfts to support their content, onboard more members and how to hold spiritual events and gathering in metaverse. We will also generate a lot of content around spirituality to attract the tribe organically.


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of august 2022.

One time budget for 1 month from the time of funding received.

Final products

An web site with 5 subpages; 25 Guided Meditations, 10 Yoga videos; 30+ spiritual artworks (to be converted put on merch); with our visual id.

Subtotal: 440USD