[PROPOSAL] Garden Equipment for self-sustainability, live-streaming & live events

[PROPOSAL] Garden Equipment for self-sustainability, live-streaming & live events

After successfully running 2 seasons of Tale Trails* throughout the pandemic Garden Collective is back with in person events and generally back being in the same room with collaborators and artists

Whilst Tale Trails was a great success in promoting new, emerging and established musicians and DJ’s during the constraints of the pandemic it had its limitations. Primarily, that not everyone we wanted to host had access to the equipment required to record a mix or create their desired performance. This is what we want to change.

What the funding is for:

Garden is proposing the purchase of 2 universally known and industry standard Pioneer XDJ-700 digital media players (with flight cases) and 2 Shure SM58 mics. With these, we plan to launch a revised mix series and live performance streams.

We wish to expand on the eclectic and diverse nature of Tale Trails and pair it with the style of our successful quarantine live stream series Garden Gaff Party*. This new series will have a set location for each monthly show - along with introducing new people to the ecosystem we intend to collaborate with other DAO’s and broadcast some events in the Metaverse. We plan on pairing with Muti to fulfill the Metaverse aspect of this and stream into their beautiful NEARhub space.

Self-sustainability is an aspect of our collective that we have been working towards now for several years. With the purchase of our sound system last year, we have been able to make some ongoing revenue by renting it out to other collectives and venues. It has been a great step towards our self-sustainability, while also being a great way to support and connect with the creative scene around us. Many of these rentals have inquired about other equipment, which we have not been able to offer up to this point, leaving them seeking it elsewhere. With the addition of this equipment we would be able to offer much more to clients and take a big step towards our own self-sustainability going into the future.


  • Pioneer XDJ-700 X2 $752 x 2 = $1504

  • Flight Cases X2 $114 x 2 = $228

  • Shure SM58 X2 $118 x 2 = $236

Cost of Equipment : $1968


An ongoing audio series consisting of all type of selections across any format ranging in any genres or styles (vinyl, digital, tape, live, etc) from them deep 4/4 floorfillers, to soundscapes, and on into the weird and wonderful world of sound.


A live stream ‘house party’ series we ran in response to the lockdowns in 2020. These hugely successful streams were the beginning for a new area of collaboration and creation for Garden. We quickly honed new skills and produced high quality multi-stream events over the course of a few months. The events featured artists from many mediums across the globe.

The series had the support of Why Not, Arroz, Atlas, 8a Colina, Selina (Collaborations & Media - Garden Collective). Our work in streaming during the pandemic was further supported by Digital Ocean, who ended up doing video feature on us which can be viewed here: [Garden Collective - A Hub for Good Story - YouTube

](Garden Collective - A Hub for Good Story - YouTube)

Subtotal: $1968


Onboarded last month (May): 6
Onboarding this months proposal (June): Potential for multiple onboardings
NFT series to be created: 3 (Approx 15 NFT’s from different artists)
DAO collaborations in process: 2

  • Community Meetup/Workshop

Also as part of our onboarding and sustainable community building we plan on hosting an onboarding workshop/meetup event. This will also incorporate a DJ and soundsystem setup workshop.

Upon obtaining the DJ decks we would love to have a community event where we have an open decks to introduce people to DJ’ing, giving tutorials along with workshops on how to run and maintain a simple soundsystem setup.

This event will also feature a Metaverse livestream in partnership with Muti and also with Ourico Studios. This community meetup will also feature onboarding for anyone wanting to be introduced to the Near ecosystem.

This community aspect is very important to Garden going forward. As the people power that comes with getting together with people and linking through music, culture and workshops is a powerful tool for the awareness and future of the collective and DAO. It also acts as a sort of showcase for Garden, in relation to our soundsystem, DJ decks and equipment which we have available for rent. This feeds back into the self-sustainability of Garden Collective going forward.

  • Garden Collective which already acts as a legal entity as a collective will create a “legal wrapper” as a DAO in June. This will be done with Otoco.

  • We have expected future collaborations with existing collectives with opportunities to onboard new collaborators (i.e. Muti, Ourico, Waking Life crew)


I just wanted to add here that we have secured a place to store our gear also host the live streams / workshops. The location is called “Ouriço” and is an arts organisation located just outside of Lisbon in a town called “Parede”. They host weekly open mic nights, workshops and has also hosted an incredible muti artistic residency, where a lot of the people involved in the space were onboarded as part of the residency. See the video from that here. (props to @tabear , @thefalmon for initiating this collaboration)

We’re hoping the Garden Collective having a base in this creative hub can encourage and support the development of NEAR involvement in this ever-growing community, and also give rise to more DAO to DAO collaborations.