[PROPOSAL] Livestream event / meetup

This month is the first month of Garden Collective’s residence in Ouriço and we would like to celebrate by inviting members of both the DAO and the venue to one place for a live stream DJ set in the venue that would then be streamed to muti-dao’s metaverse space for everyone in the Creatives DAO to join.

July 24th
20:00 GMT

Live streamed:

We will have our own resident DJ @senhorsantos as well as invited guest on the night.

Price breakdown:

mutiverse rental: 50$ (for space, setup, etc.)
DJ 1 - @senhorsantos , this set will be considered a task as part of council work this month as we get things up and running.
DJ 2 (TBC) - 70$

total: 120$

we will also have our neardrop account active on the night for any community member who wants to be onboarded.

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