[Proposal] Garden Collective Contribution to VanDAO Studio

Key Concept

  • Livestreamed artist interviews and performances presented by a rotating series of hosts.
  • Each episode would be roughly 20 minutes of interview and 40 minutes of performance
  • Episodes will be monthly with the aim of increasing the frequency in the future
  • Musicians, poets, dancers, spoken word, and more to be invited


This would be a live stream/broadcast series in which we invite an artist to be interviewed and perform live in the new VanDAO studio. Each episode would be presented by a different host to allow for diversity in approach and exploration of new formats.

It would begin with one episode per month with the aim of upping this to two per month over time depending on the viewership as well as interest from artists.

The episodes would be streamed live via a Garden Collective channel and embedded into a VanDAO-affiliated metaverse space. Furthermore, the episodes’ audio can be recorded in higher quality for a radio edit to be released after the live performance, with the aim of building connections with web3 radio stations (e.g. Metaverse Radio).

As Garden Collective, we work with artists from numerous disciplines and so aim to bring this same variety to the VanDAO studio, inviting musicians from various backgrounds as well as spoken word artists, poets, dancers and more.


The first episode will be streamed/recorded in late April.

Core Team


(Garden Collective DAO)


Live stream

Broadcast segment

Looking Forward

Other elements that we are considering adding in the future are:

  • Live phone-ins with questions for the artist
  • Video edits of the stream for later release

Budget for VanDAO

Artist fee: 120USD
Host Fee: 60USD
Streaming Technician: 60USD
Streaming Equipment: 75USD
Audio Technician: 60USD
Audio Equipment: 85USD

Total: 460USD


Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see what the projects will be!

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Hey guys, let me know if you want me to issue the payout for this. I know the event was delayed, but just holler if you think it’s easier to work with the funds in advance.