[Proposal] Free Education Program in Spanish

Education proposal

Vertical- Education

Goal: Educate Venezuelans end-users into blockchain technology providing the financial tools they need to have a positive impact in their lives.


  • Develop a very basic course in blockchain technology to welcome people to the NEAR community
  • Create a complete three modules course that covers from basic cryptocurrencies world to NEAR developer
  • Courses and learning material will be also shared online for free

Over the course of 1 month, we hope to create a free course for Venezuelans and Latin Americans that will allow them to use the tools that NEAR protocol and Blockchain in general can offer to them. We aim to reach 100+ participants that will be exposed to the NEAR technology.


1 month

Week 0-1 Create the educational program / courses for Venezuelans / Latin Americans

Week 2-4 Create the slides, graphics and videos.

Dependencies from NEAR:

  • Coworking with the education team

Total funding:

325 NEAR

  • Educational program development 325 NEAR (ES version)

@Nicolasp2 @Jloc @Mineriavirtual @Luismayar Skarly


Cryptocurrency course by me (es), now free for you

EN->ES translation by @Jloc with @sasha and me

Berry Club explained (by me)


This is so awesome to see @FritzWorm and Mineria-Virtual Guild! Just re-classified this post so it is under the “Community-Guilds” subcategory so anyone looking to know more about your Guild’s activities can find this.

Since this proposal has been workshopped through me and @shreyas, please proceed to posting your payout proposal on the CommunitySquad SputnikDAO linking to this proposal.


Thank you ! :cowboy_hat_face: :white_check_mark:

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@FritzWorm Safe to publish Beery Club in Spanish at LNC?


Please go ahead ! Publish Berry Club in Spanish at LNC ! :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket:

Happy to help ! Happy to create value! Happy to be taking into account !

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¡Idea increíble!

I think we should aim for complete globalisation of all educational materials and beyond, ultimately.


The proposal was voted through on the CommunitySquad SputnikDAO! Would be great to see future proposals paid through a Mineria-Virtual SputnikDAO (or whatever name version you choose) instead of being paid out to personal wallets. Then the whole Guild leadership team can participate in the governance and funding structure of your Guild!

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Of course ! for the next proposal we will have our Mineria-Virtual SputnikDAO ! :cowboy_hat_face: :white_check_mark:

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