[PROPOSAL] Create 3 online courses in Spanish


Create Quality Content to ease adoption being an esencial part of:


Here, we count with the support of NEAR HISPANO GUILD @claudioac
We also are going to work with some videos from the SILICON VALLEY GUILD @satojandro


This is an example of the Introduction Course (self-made in Spanish):


This content will be made to drive attention into NEAR protocol, ease adoption/use of the Wallet and welcome new collaborators & developers into the community.

  1. First Course: The World of the Cryptocurrencies
First Course Content


  • What happened before Bitcoin
  • Rise of Bitcoin
  • What is Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin works
  • Beyond Bitcoin

Concepts and definitions

  • Network overview
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Trading
  • Smart Contracts
  • Crowdfunding


  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Components
  • ASICs vs RIGS
  • The future of mining
  • Reward models


  • Basic concepts
  • Design of a blockchain
  • Node types
  • Participants of a Blockchain
  • Other participants


  • Wallet
  • Exchange
  • Cryptocurrencies

Introduction to trading

  • Trading history
  • Market behavior
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ways to obtain Financing with crypto

Analisis tecnico

  • Introduccion al analisis tecnico
  • Patrones
  • Different indicators
  • Volumen

Knowledge of an investor

  • Introduction to actions
  • Objective of the actions
  • Types of actions
  • Investor’s duties
  • Value and price
  • Example

Fundamental Analysis

  • Objective of the fundamental analysis
  • Currency analysis
  • Analysis on companies
  • Cryptocurrency analysis
  • Introduction to calculations
  • Risk
  • Metrics
  • Cash flows
  • Formulas
  • Cryptocurrency special case


  • Advantage
  • Future
  • Good bye
  1. Second Course: Blockchain Knight (to do - to be done soon)
Second Course Content


  • Blockchain use cases
  • Smart Contracts
  • Competitors
  • Layers
  • Top 10

Regular Topics

  • Adoption Metrics
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Network Design
  • Decentralization
  • Multi-Chain Support

Real examples

  • Ethereum
  • Near protocol
  • Chainlink
  • Oxen
  • Waves

Practical part

  • Open a Wallet
  • Sign a contract with your Wallet
  • Trade in DEX
  • Create a token
  • Run a smart contract in NEAR
  • Place your token in a DEX
  • Add liquidity to your token


  1. Third Course: NEAR DEVELOPER (to do in Spanish - Translate existing course)

@amgando I find this very interesting and would go a long way if we plan this well. Lets jump on a call and discuss what this for the future of NEAR education.


Thanks! Will be nice to have a video call to discuss further this project,

I would like to invite @satojandro and @claudioac

:v: :sunglasses:


Hey @FritzWorm! Just added your “mineria-virtual” tag to better organize your Guild activities here on the Forum.


Hi @Grace ! Hope everything is going well. Can we have a call to talk about this courses ?

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Will be happy to talk @FritzWorm about translating LNC (learnnear.club) Guides in Spanish. Rus, Vi and Cn communities are doing decent job already.

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Hi @sasha !

Nice, I will like to help yes, can I get access to the code of learnnear.club webpage so I can translate it by my self ?


NEAR VENEZUELA Youtube Channel:

@sasha greetings my chief, working here on some educational content, if you have some team we can help with video edition/script/other

Hi grace, espero todo bien por allá un saludo fuerte, si es posible:could you point someone that can check the content of this course to be approved before marketing/make use of it @Grace thanks/agradecido

@jlwaugh Hello James! Here is the update for this month work on the educational course contribution. We are still working on more videos, we can enhance if we get some critics/light from the community. Thank you.

@shreyas thank you for your guidance to start this tasks, hope we can reach the tall standards of the NEAR community contributions and keep adding value.

A big cheers to all :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket: