[Proposal] Diálogos Demonstra (Webinars) - June

  1. [Proposal] Diálogos Demonstra (Webinars) - June

Objective: implement a new communication network where it will be possible to disseminate audiovisual materials for research, actions, debates of ideas, collaborations and workshops related to the purpose of Demonstra. We will initially produce two public meetings in Webinar format between Isabel Portella with another guest in which they will discuss themes related to art, disability and technology. Videos resulting from these Webinar meetings will later be edited and saved to the Demonstra channel. All meetings will be accessible in sign language and with descriptive captions for people with audio-visual disabilities.

The first four editions of Diálogos Demonstra Dialogues were conducted by Daniel Moraes together with guests Vinicius Scheffer, Carlos Pastor, Isabel Portella, and Julia Morelli.

Mesa 1
Mesa 2
Mesa 3
Mesa 4

For the next editions we are calling the curator and art critic Isabel Portella to conduct the Demonstra Dialogues with her guests: Leila Scaf Rodrigues and Camila Alves.

Host: 250 USD
Fee for guest speakers: 300 USD (2 guests x 150 USD each)
Sign language translators and audio description for the 2 webinars: 250 USD
Direction: 150 USD
Production: 150 USD
Video edition: 300 USD
Recording: 150 USD


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