[PROPOSAL] Demonstra Webinars

Objective: implement a new communication network where it will be possible to disseminate audiovisual materials for research, actions, debates of ideas, collaborations and workshops related to the purpose of Demonstra. We will initially produce two public meetings in Webinar format between Daniel Moraes (visual artist, curator and creator of Demonstra) with another guest in which they will discuss themes related to art, disability and technology. Videos resulting from these Webinar meetings will later be edited and saved to the Demonstra channel. All meetings will be accessible in sign language and with descriptive captions for people with audio-visual disabilities.

Monthly Webinars:

HOST: Daniel Moraes @dani

Artist with research investigating conflicts related to the disabled body: deformity/dysfunction, overcoming/suppression, prejudice/acceptance. Creator of the Demonstra Project, an artistic residency program for people with disabilities, which has the support of the Ministry of Portuguese Culture - DGArtes.


Instagram: @danielmoraesss

GUESTS - February 2022:

Julia Morelli

Julia Morelli is curator, producer and idealized 55SP, a multidisciplinary project whose principle is to spread contemporary art, fostering new collectors and artistic production through independent projects, with an experimental character and belief in art as a transformation tool.

Among recent projects: Quarantine (2020), a model of economic re-imagination for the arts market, a project created to encourage the production and sale of works during and according to the quarantine conditions and the Reconecte Project +5511 (2021) with the aim of transforming and reoccupying public spaces of São Paulo´s suburbs, the project features workshops and installations by visual artists such as Raphael Escobar and Sallisa Rosa and had support from the Municipal Secretary of São Paulo

With an interest in the intersection of music and art, researching it over past few years, a few recent projects: Ressonância (2022), a project in partnership with CCSP that addresses publishes fairs, podcasts and exhibition, Black Shabat (2018) he co-organized with Casa do Povo.

Instagram: @juliamorelli @_55sp

Isabel Portella

Doctor and Master in Art History and Criticism from the School of Fine Arts Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (EBA/UFRJ); Specialist in History and Criticism of Brazilian Art from the Pontifical Catholic University/PUC-Rio. Museologist works since 1992 working in museums developing projects and actions in preservation and conservation, curation and accessibility. She has worked at the Museum of the Republic - IBRAM since 2006 as a museum collection researcher. Coordinator and Curator of Galeria do Lago – Contemporary Art Space of the Museum of the Republic.

Instagram: @isabelportella

Online meetings in a webinar format, between Daniel Moraes and a guest, discussing themes related to art, disability and technology. These meetings will be later edited and published on Canal Demonstra (YouTube).

Guest speakers: Julia Morelli @juliamorelli55sp (producer, curator and creator of 55SP) and Isabel Portella (art critic, curator and museologist at the Museum of the Republic of Rio de Janeiro and Galeria do Lago) (TBC).

  • Production of 2 webinars: 150 USD
  • Host for the sessions: 200 USD
  • Fee for guest speakers: 150 USD - Julia Morelli (TBC) and 150 USD - Isabel Portella (TBC) (each)
  • Sign language translators and audio description for the 2 webinars: 230 USD
  • Promotion: 150 USD (100 - marketing manager / 50 - $ for boosting ads)


Implementation of Demonstra’s Youtube channel that will contain the videos produced for the Demonstra Channel (webinars, lives and workshops).

Actions: Maintenance of monthly schedule | Production and editing of videos that will enter the Demons Channel

  • Edition of the two webinars for the Youtube channel: 180 USD
  • Account maintenance : 50 USD
  • Accessible communication maintenance: 100 USD