[PROPOSAL] Demonstra Gallery

Objective: Implementation of a MintBase gallery and store for the commercialization of products, works and textual publications of the Demonstra Project. Our purpose this February is to begin an onboarding on the platform by conceptualizing it with the collaboration of Julia Morelli @juliamorelli55sp, who has a wide experience with the production and curatorship of independent artistic projects with the purpose of socio-cultural transformation. At Galeria Demonstra, Julia will maintain and curate art works together with the direction of Daniel Moraes @dani, production and collaborators onboarding by Rebecca Johnson @RebeccaJ. We intend our Gallery to be an important platform for selling, promoting and connecting artists and professionals involved in the Demonstra project. We aim to create 5 NFTs this month in our store to get started.

Some of Julia Morelli’s projects links:





_Black Shabat



  • Implementation and onboarding to Virtual Gallery Demonstra on Mint Base platform
  • Selection of works that will integrate the first products sold in the store/gallery
  • Product launch planning according to Julia Morelli’s curatorship
  • Paid advertising to publicize the gallery/store as well as the first products on store

Curatorship: 300 USD

Direction: 150 USD

Production: 150 USD

Creation of the Mint Base Store: 6.5N

Demonstra Min tBase store maintenance: 100 USD