[PROPOSAL] Coverage of Foggy Album Launch

Hello! We (@gardencollective Profile - gardencollective - NEAR Forum) are supporting the launch of Italian native, Lisbon local, Foggy’s first solo album: ‘In Appropriate Use of Dangerous Tools’ after nearly two years of recording. The album is released on March 15th, and Garden Collective will be the promotor for the official album launch party on March 25th.

Reason for funding:
We will be funding the bulk of the launch event through traditional means (i.e. ticket sales) but would like to capture the evening and mint it as a series of commemorative NFTs. As such, we would like to request a budget for a photographer and videographer to document the event on the night create the NFT series.

Additionally, we are planning on exploring how we can use redeemable NFTs for either tickets or, potentially, IRL CDs. (Guidance on this step would be extremely valuable!)

The event is on March 25th and we aim to have any redeemable NFTs minted at least a week ahead of this. Both the video and photos would be shot at the event, with the aim of having the commemorative NFTs minted by the end of the month.

People Involved:
Event Management: @NillyNoon, @edenf @senhorsantos @nillynoon, @ted.iv
Artist: Foggy (https://www.foggyproject.com/) (Foggyfra.near & pisto.near)
Videographer: TBC
Editor: TBC
Photographer: Raul (raulrdg.near)

Breakdown of costs (USD):

  • Promotional video (shooting): $100
  • Promotional video (editing): $200
  • Photography (inc. 3 - 5 images selected for NFTs) : $100

Total - $400 (50% now and 50% upon the release of the NFT series)


A quick update on this following the event on Friday.
It went super well so thank you to everyone who came! We ended up testing out redeemable NFTs for physical copies of CDs at the album launch. It was great to learn the process and we can certainly use this going forwards with more publicity around it.

In terms of the commemorative NFTs, we have received the first photos and are now working on turning one of them into an NFT that can be transferred to anyone who attended the live album launch party and others for purchase.

The video was recorded and is in the editing process.


The final video has been edited and released,
NFT series to follow!

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The commemorative NFTs have now been minted and can be found on Garden Collective’s Mintbase store: Garden Collective on Mintbase

Big thanks to @raul for the images!

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