[REPORT] Monthly Report - Garden Collective DAO - March 2022

[REPORT] March - Garden Collective

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO

Project Accounting: 61.8767 NEAR

March proposal linked here.

Total Requested in March:
2000 usd in NEAR & 5 NEAR (for Astrodao setup)

DAO: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near


Paid out:

  • Astrodao setup
  • Council work
  • Foggy event: photographer @rauldg
  • AchoNacho music video production
  • Website update
  • All winners of our bounty competition

Yet to be paid out:

Garden Collective had a very successful first month in the NEAR ecosystem as a DAO and we’re looking forward to keeping the momentum built and the collaborations coming in over the next few months. This month was focussed around adapting our existing “real world” collective to the web3 and NEAR ecosystem, which meant for a lot of interesting discussions between the council on the matter, but also with existing people in our community both involved and not involved in the ecosystem. We aim to continue this dialogue for the month of April and include some more of our community in the ecosystem while also branching out and collaborating with some other existing daos in the ecosystem.

What we achieved:

  • Setting up of Astrodao, onboarding all of the council members and it for our first series of payouts.

  • AchoNacho music video.
    The music video was shot, and the editing / processing of the film for digitization and minting will begin this week. Check the update in the forum post here.

  • Website: Backend development is underway. and we started by building a dedicated page on the website for Garden Collective DAO. We will use this page to post updates on the DAOs activities & projects. This page will also provide all of the links on how to reach us in the forum, or contact us directly:
    The DAO - Garden Collective

  • Our collaborative bounty for this month had over 20 participants, which we’re very happy with for a first time round. Winners have been voted on and announced over on the forum post.

  • We started our community telegram group, which is still quite small, so we have decided to keep the “telegram moderation” fee of 60$ from the initial proposal as a buffer for the dao.

  • Foggy Album launch:
    The event was a great success, photos have been edited and received and video is in production. We also experimented with burnable NFTs for purchasing the physical album with the help from Maria from mintbase. A first of many, hopefully. The photographer has been paid, minted NFTs to come and the videographers will need to be onboarded for payments. Full update here.

Thanks :herb: