[Closed] Small NFT & Music Festival. 10.Dec.2021

We’re thinking of creating an intro & showcase of NFTs of art made while skydiving & while riding a bike at a volcano.
Alongside a dancefloor with tasteful tunes at Groove 42, Goa.

Massive NEAR banners at the venue.
NEAR stickers for everyone that enters.
All NFTs will be uploaded on NEAR NFTs.
We will introduce users to NEAR & NEAR’s NFT platforms.
Onboard creatives to utilize NEAR NFTs.
Will check if we can spray paint the NEAR logo at the venue live.

6 hour event, 2 Musical performances, 1 extreme NFT artist.
We can also showcase additional art from the NFT platform.

Groove 42

10th December 2021

NFT Artist on display
Akizard https://www.akizard.com/ IG @akizard

Not a DJ x Outer Body Labs

Breakdown of the budget:
How much for the musician & artist: $250
How much for organizing & screen: $350
How much for the banner: $150
= $750

Additional possibility:
Create an NFT of the logo of NEAR made during paramotors like Login • Instagram.
To have this NFT on loop via a project at the event.
Creation & Display Cost $250

Will provide images & videos of the event.

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