[APPROVED] Designing, Mastering and Printing of Album releases

Seeking funding for the Designing, Mastering and Printing of Album releases

I and my two other musical collaborators have recorded two separate albums from two different projects. These were recorded pre-pandemic in 2019, with plans to release them to the world via my record label Sunshine Cult Records. We would like to apply for funding to facilitate the following:

  • The designing of two album artworks
  • The mixing and mastering for the albums
  • The costs of getting them printed to CD for distribution

Our two projects come in the form of an improvised drone group called Book Of The Dead (BOTD) and a socially active, harsh-noise/punk band called HATRED. We have been together for many years and are finally ready to release our projects to the world. The BOTD release consists of over 4 hours of recorded work, in the form of atmospheric, meditative drone sessions, inspired by celestial events occurring during the time of performance. The HATRED release consists of 15 tracks of live recorded band recordings, done over the course of 3 different sessions.

We aim to release these through my record label Sunshine Cult Records in quick succession, one released in January and one released in February. Hence the request to get all of the necessary funding for both projects at once.

We would like to also use a version of each album artwork with an audio excerpt from each release and mint these together as an audio-visual NFT through the muti Mintbase store. We would like to mint the NFTs before the official release of the albums and use this as a promotional tool, giving listeners a sneak peek into the release via the NFT, as opposed to a traditional single release most bands would do.

Included in this proposal would be the onboarding of the other two collaborators, who would also be designing the album artworks.

Project members:
Mark Waldron-Hyden - mwhyden.near
I am a producer and musician based in Lisbon and am becoming more and more an active member of the NEAR ecosystem. I can’t wait to introduce more of my collaborators to this wonderful space. Here is my most recent album, which was funded with muti’s amazing help:

CAPRICORN | KINEOGRAPH | Sunshine Cult Records

Jack Horgan - Musician, Mixer, Designer - to be onboarded prior to funding

Jack Horgan is an Irish guitarist and artist based in Cork, Ireland. He has toured with numerous bands around Europe, including The Sunshine Factory, Soft Focus and The Altered Hours. He has just finished a European tour supporting the globally recognised rock band Fontains DC:

Arthur Pawsey - Musician, Mixer, Designer - to be onboarded prior to funding

Arthur Pawsey is a multi-instrumentalist, artist and produced based in Cork, Ireland. He has released numerous records under multiple monikers, most notably Arthuritis. He has just recently released his new album “Occams Razor” through Art For Blind Records:

Delegation of jobs:

  • I will be in charge of Mastering the releases and printing them to CD.
  • Arthur Pawsey will be in charge of designing the BOTD artwork
  • Jack Horgan will be in charge of designing the HATRED artwork
  • All three of us will be collaborating on mixing the releases.

Amount Requested:

Design fee for BOTD artwork: $150
Design fee for HATRED artwork: $150
Mastering fee for both releases: $150
Mixing fee for both releases: $150
CD Printing and production fee: $ 80


December - Early January:

  • Onboarding of new users

Early January:

  • Mixing, Mastering and Artwork designing for Book of The Dead Release


  • Printing of Book of The Dead CDs
  • Minting and release of BOTD NFT
  • Mixing, Mastering and Artwork designing for HATRED release

January 28th:

  • Release of Book of The Dead Album

Early February:

  • Printing of HATRED CDs,
  • Minting and release of HATRED NFT

February 14th:

  • Release of HATRED album


  • First half of the payout to be requested after both new users are onboarded in order to facilitate the production of the artwork, music and physical copies.

  • Second half of payout to be requested when both projects are fully mixed, mastered and both NFTs are minted.


Hey there!
muti is happy to approve this!
Please request 340 DAI from the muti Astro DAO and keep us posted so that the remaining payout will follow once the releases are out :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! Payout for 340 DAI has been requested! :slight_smile:


The first album has been mixed, mastered and released today!! Thank you for the help in making this happen. In the coming days we will mint the first of the 2 NFTs! Second release coming on Valentine’s day also! :slight_smile:

link to album is here: MERCURY AT GREATEST EASTERN ELONGATION | BOOK OF THE DEAD | Sunshine Cult Records


Thanks a lot, awesome to hear! Let us know when it is planned to be minted so we can also promote it :slight_smile:

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Album number 2 has been released! We’re very happy with how it all came together! Next we will mint both NFTs and complete this project! Thanks for all your support for this! Album can be listened to here: DEATH MASK SESSIONS & BASEMENT SESSIONS | HATRED | Sunshine Cult Records

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Awesome! You’re added as a minter in the store, so mint away & let us know once u know the date o we can promote it :)) Once it is minted, please request the remaining payout of 340 DAI :slight_smile:

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Both NFTs have been successfully minted through the Muti mint base store! Will request the payout for 340 DAI as instructed. Thank you so much for all of your support!