[PROPOSAL] AV Coverage of Zirkus Mond Event

We (@gardencollective Profile - gardencollective - NEAR Forum) are producing the launch event of The Tourorists EP, which will be taking place in the spectacular location of Zirkus Mond Lisboa. The event represents the second major Garden Collective production since lockdown and an opportunity to support one of the most original bands playing in Lisbon.

Reason for funding:
We will be funding the bulk of the event through ticket sales – online and in-person – but considering the unique location and programming of this event (a circus big top and all that entails), we believe it is a fantastic opportunity to update Garden Collective marketing materials and create some DAO-specific content.

As such, we are requesting funding for AV coverage of the event and the onboarding of two Garden associates to complete the work. Specifically, a videographer to capture the evening and create a portfolio of footage to use going forward, and a photographer to do the same with stills.

NFT ticketing
We are releasing a limited run of redeemable NFT Tickets, which included in video content will ensure a focus on our current Web3 integration as an organisation.

The event is on May 14th and we aim to have the redeemable NFT tickets minted at least a week ahead of this. Both the video and photos will be shot at the event, with the aim of having the content completed within a month.

People Involved:
(both being onboarded to the ecosystem for this project)
Abia Karim - Photography
Diarmuid Cronin - Videography

Event Management:

Both the videographer and photographer are new to the Near ecosystem so will be onboarded as part of this project. Their individual contributions are as follows:


Videographer & Editor: (Diarmuid Cronin)[Login • Instagram]


I’m supporting the launch of Lisbon-based band The Tourorists’ “Project Hector” EP in Zirkus Monde Lisboa, on the 14th of May!

We are planning to capture and release three videos from the night to commemorate the launch. The videos are as follows:

  • x1 15sec social video (to be released the next day, highlights of the night
  • x1 30sec video (to be released the following day)
  • x1 ~90sec video (to be released one month later.)

Links to previous work:


Photographer: Abia Karim

"My name is Abia Karim, I am a Pakistani-American photographer based in Lisbon Portugal. My work as an artist is not limited to the medium of photography, but is photography centric. When taking portraits my preferable subject(s) are in integration with or provocation of other art forms( I.e. dance/music/performance).” (Instagram)[Login • Instagram]

Breakdown of costs (USD):

  • Promotional video (shooting): $200
  • Promotional video (editing): $150 ($50 x 3)
  • Photography: $100
  • Onboarding/minting: $50

Total - $500


The NFT Tickets mentioned for this event have now been created and are available on the Garden Collective Mintbase store here!

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Unfortunately, Abia could not make the event last minute due to Covid and so we invited longtime Garden collaborator, Raul (rauldg.near) to photograph the event. Photos have been received and we will be selecting a few to mint on the Garden store in the coming week!

The promo video is in production but was slightly delayed as Dairmuid’s laptop broke and he had to get a replacement one. This has been sorted and the work has already begun. Diarmuid will be onboarded next week as part of this process also, more updates on this to come.

Video in production and 3 NFTs of the photos have also been minted to celebrate the release:

Final video is live!