[proposal] council member self nomination to the regional dao

Who are you?
Hello NEAR Community I’m Boma Samuel known most times as “Psalm” and I’ve been a dedicated NEAR Community Member since 2021 and ever since I’ve been active on the Ecosystem and Contributed honestly to the Ecosystem.

Been on the Ecosystem, this is my home, my place of Comfort and I’ve been able to get new families here and with the motive and purpose of growing the NEAR Ecosystem since it’s my responsibility as a dedicated NEARIAN I’ve decided to Nominate myself, to support the Ecosystem Regionally as a Council Member as this is part of the best strategy for mass adoption and IRL activities.


I am currently in my Final year about to Graduate as a Mechanical Engineer and I’ve also tutored students on Statistics and Mathematics Analysis since I’ve knowledge on Mathematics.

I’ve been in the Crypto Ecosystem since 2019 and I started my Crypto journey with Defi (lending, swapping, borrowing etc) and I was amazed to experience a new level of finance in a decentralized manner unlike our centralized local banking system.

I was so interested in Crypto I paid more attention to Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Assets, and I had to make Analysis on NEAR token which I found interest in and had to do intense research which brought me to be a contributor in the Eco.

Meta Pool Ambassador: I’m currently an Ambassador for the Meta Pool community representing Africa Lead to introduce Liquid staking to Africans through Educational Contents, IRL activities, Brand Awareness and other means of promoting Meta Pool and I’ve proven worthy by meeting up task and shown commitment by onboarding Africans through the little connections I’ve and partnerships too.

OFP Ambassador: As an Ambassador for OFP I’ve shown full dedication and zeal by involving more in content creation and marketing to promote Carbon Credit and Amplify the vision of REfI as a new financial system and sustainability in Crypto and IRL activities for social good.

JumpDefi Ambassador: as a One Stop platform that provides all Web3.0 features and services you would think of on NEAR I’ve been chosen as an Ambassador to help Amplify and promote the project while they build on NEAR and Also go multichain for Mass adoption.

I’ve other Experiences on Crypto but when it comes to representing a community & regional community as an Ambassador these are my Experiences, other experiences would be summarized as my skills and how I’ve participated in the Ecosystem.

Any skills?
My Skills are as follow

  • Community Building & Engagement: I’ve Vast Skills on Community Engagement and Engagement as I’ve worked as a Moderator and Community Manager in Most Projects on NEAR and have proven traction.
  • Content Creation & Marketing skills: I’ve loved content creation since my Crypto journey and I believe contents can be improved and created in a fun, interactive and eye catching manner and I’ve also created marketing strategies and work with required tools to create Awareness.
  • DAO Management: With the knowledge all DAO are governed with an existing framework and set of rules that guides the DAO I’ve participated in the Creative as a Council Member for Dance DAO which I’ve experience onchain activities, transparency and accountability
  • Project management and Council
  • Social Media Management

My Involvement in any project in NEAR Ecosystem is always to focus on the main goal other chains would aim for, as it’s a norms that some of the basics of a living community or human is to grow, compete, adapt etc.

My Goal to be a council member is to make sure all ideas and initiatives align with the goals of the NEAR Ecosystem and to enforce transparency, accountability and traction.

With my experience I’m willing to support and share ideas with leaders from various regions to impact positive returns and to create awareness about NEAR Regionally.

Being the best leads to competition and growth and to build the ecosystem we need

  • Onboarding and Development
  • Interaction with ecosystem DApps and Infrastructures
  • Increase the value of our L1 token and reputation
  • Educational and Brand Awareness.

How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?
I’ve been involved with the NEAR Ecosystem right from 2021 from Participating in OWS bounties, Championed the Freelancer DAO , Volunteered to support the NDC movement and shows good examples of what I preached.

Help the Community and newly onboarded to direct them and guide them on how best to find their bearing or move within the ecosystem.

My home and Community I represent ?
I’m from Nigeria and willing to represent the Africa Community like I always do

Why are you a good candidate?
With my experience and ability to fulfill all tasks as a council member I know fully well I’m a good candidate for this position and willing to listen to the community. The community needs an active representative and a listener with good skills and ready to deliver and provide solutions to meeting KPIs and goals.

I’ve been active on forums most/many times assisting other Councils respond to community problems and proposals and bringing solutions or best methods to the community.

Having the quality of a good candidate is also a plus as I’ve learnt the mistakes and issues from other DAO’s and willing to bring effective solutions

Why should people vote for you?
Almost 2 years of dedication to the Ecosystem and participation I’ve never had any bad record or complaints for any position or role given as I take all responsibilities and tasks invaluable and deliver a good job.

Haven’t been involved in any malicious or fraudulent activity as my intention in the ecosystem is virtue and honesty.

The community should support me as I’m active on forum, NEAR Social and other platforms too, I’ve good listening skills and a lover of Decentralization and am willing to learn new things.

I’ve never discriminated anyone as I believe we are one community and believe in the ability of everyone

Explain your strategy to develop regional communities.

  • Evaluation: would apply professional and strategic skills to evaluate proposals from Regional communities through planning, implementing, executing and reporting
  • Community Engagement: With my skills of community engagement I would encourage leaders to show full support and participation in NEAR related activities and willing to support and collaborate with other community to build more engagement.
  • Onchain activities: Encouraging community to pay more attention on Onchain activities and this is a huge means of supporting the ecosystem and building traction and engagement onchain
  • Availability: As most proposals work with time and community most times demand attention from Councils I would do all possible best to be supportive, quick response to community needs, Onchain participation etc
  • KPIs and Educational resources: Find the possible and best way to break down KPIs and track success for communities and also provide Educative materials or ideas to create more awareness and intuitive learning.

Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation.

NEAR Ecosystem is the only blockchain I am dedicated to and spend most of my time here and am always here for the long term development, however I’m willing to dedicate 4hrs/day for my council position and my compensation should be based on the Regional DAO budget for council.

Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!

Currently an Ambassador for Meta Pool and a Mod for NDC and have no conflict of interest as this position doesn’t restrict me from participating as a regional Council.

I’m also the lead Champion for the freelancer WG and this disqualifies me of being a council on the freelancer DAO.

link to NEARSocial


Thank you for your interest, wish you best of luck

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I appreciate @Bakaka your wish matters a lot :pray:

Good to see your nomination Psammy

Please kindly post your application to the Telegram group.

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Great proposal, i just have a couple questions

  1. In your proposal, you mentioned being involved in various ambassador roles and community initiatives. How do you think these experiences have developed your leadership skills, and how do you plan to leverage them as a council member?

  2. you also mentioned the importance of educational resources and brand awareness. What unique ideas or approaches do you have in mind to promote NEAR regionally and ensure that educational materials effectively reach and engage the target audience?

  3. Being a council member requires a significant time commitment. How do you plan to manage your time effectively to fulfill your responsibilities as a council member while also balancing other commitments and obligations?

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Thanks Ola :pray: I appreciate

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Hello :wave: @dsacorp I’m gradually developing interest ignoring or taking account just a month old seriously.
Cause 90% of new accounts are either puppet accounts of bad actors who can’t use their main account to face people for real.
However i would still give good answers to your question.

Being An Ambassador means representing a Particular organization in respect to their product or services.
You can go places, host event and talk about their projects.
Being an Ambassador shows I’m qualified to represent and representing proves you’ve the quality to be independent and still deliver the project irrespective of the absence of the leader and the regional community has decided to choose 7 council “1/7 out of each continent as I believe their decision was best for decentralization.
And I’ve stepped out to rep Africans.

What’s your own understanding as leadership or a good leader?
I’ve personally use the little funds I’ve to build Engagement DAO and thought people about Near and onboarded many to the Eco without funding from the community.
In this process we met more than 100+ members on discord.
75 followers on twitter.
I’m currently the Champion of FDAO and it’s going really fine and great check out our charter and we are working on mass adaptation from this DAO so buckle up and enjoy the ride :blush:
Other quality of leader

  • Ability to listen to your community : I’ve been active on forum please check my profile and I’ve been dedicated to NEAR and respond to people on forum when other councils are inactive, supported and tweaked many proposals to make it the best.
  • Ability to be honest: I’m very opened and transparent and haven’t in anyways involved in malicious or illegal activity
  • Ability to direct: As a leader the key function is to direct and support your community to go the right way and grow.
  • Ability to be attentive and sensitive: as a leader you need to attend to your people be active and willing to respond and give solutions to them, and being sensitive I meant been able to notice where your community is lacking and progressing, you should observe key areas and introduce new strategies to improve and keep traction.
  • Ability to resolve: as a leader ability to resolve conflict and disputes is very necessary to ensure peace and harmony in the community

Don’t know if there’s a misconception read carefully :point_down:

Btw if you’re acquiring knowledge from me, I’m here for nomination this is actually not the time to prove my quality cause it would look like am bragging, people who knows my quality knows it.
If you need ideas this is not the right time to share ideas.

I’ve other activities I do and the answer to your question is here :point_down:

Thanks for you question :upside_down_face: love y’all :kissing_closed_eyes:


You have my support buddy


Thanks dear :yum: I really appreciate your comment


Wish you best of luck Psalm

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Best of luck bro , you’re a good leader and I know you will enhance this ecosystem Near

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I know him as a good leader in the ecosystem and he was the reason I’m in the ecosystem and I’m willing to give you my support psalm :100:

Thanks dear I really appreciate :raised_hands:

Thanks Ajay :pray: I really Appreciate your benevolent and kind words.
Would deliver as usual


You’re welcome bro :sunglasses: