[Proposal] Self Nomination for Regional Community DAO Council Member

Self Nomination for RC DAO Council

1. Who are you?

Greetings everyone! I am Nneoma, a technology professional, creator, and devoted community steward. My career spans over seven years in the blockchain ecosystem, where I have combined my passion for emerging technologies and my desire to uplift underprivileged communities. I am deeply committed to enhancing technology accessibility through comprehensive technical education, immersive experience design, robust community building, and innovative product development.

2. What is your experience?

My experience includes serving as Developer Relations Lead and NEAR Hacks Program Manager at the Banyan Collective, where I successfully produced more than three hackathons and a NEAR Builder Day. I’m also the Developer Marketing Expert at Hackbox- DevHub, and the founder of the COLDS Collective. Prior to these roles, I was the Community and Developer Relations Lead at Jet Protocol. I am proud to also be recognized as an active, professional delegate at various DeFi DAOs across L1 ecosystems.

3. What skills do you possess? What are your goals?

I have honed a broad range of skills over the years, including Ecosystem and Community Development, Technical Writing, Software Development, Hackathon Production, Product Design, Product GTM, Thought Leadership Writing, Research, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Program Management.

My short and long-term goals focus on expanding COLDS Collective, the organization I lead. I aim to cultivate a self-sustaining model for our DAO, building an environment where meaningful solutions for my homeland can emerge. This involves establishing a strong community, solid governance, diverse revenue sources, and a culture of ongoing learning. Beyond COLDS Collective, I aim to contribute more broadly to initiatives that align with my interests and assume further leadership roles.

4. How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?

For over a year, I have been deeply embedded in the NEAR ecosystem, collaborating with regional hubs like the Banyan Collective as Developer Relations and Hackathons Lead. Here, I produced a series of events and hackathons for US-based NEAR developers and founders under the NEAR HACKS initiative, with activations in New York City, San Francisco, Texas, and beyond. My collaborations have spanned across the NEAR Foundation, Pagoda, Aurora, and other key personnel in the NEAR ecosystem, together creating programs and strategies to further cultivate NEAR’s developer and founder ecosystem. More recently, I joined DevHub as a contributor to the newly ratified Hackbox initiative, where I am developing a plug-and-play solution for a unified hackathon strategy for the NEAR ecosystem. Outside of NEAR, I am an active participant in various DAOs across Layer 1 ecosystems, contributing my unique perspectives and skillset, and assuming roles and seats where necessary.

5. Where is your home? Which communities do you represent?

I primarily represent the North American continent, being of Nigerian origin and currently residing in Washington, DC.

6. Why are you a good candidate?

I consider myself a good candidate for the Regional DAO Council member role due to my comprehensive understanding and firsthand experience within the NEAR ecosystem. My time as a Developer Relations Lead and Hackathon Program Manager has equipped me with an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem’s workings, its potential, and the challenges it faces. I have actively engaged with the NEAR community, contributed to impactful initiatives, advised high-impact projects, nurtured strong relationships with many US-based developers and founders, and delivered successful outcomes, all of which have furthered the ecosystem’s growth and development.

My work at COLDS Collective, where I lead a thriving digital-native organization, further attests to my ability to create and nurture communities, align them with a common vision, and leverage technology to drive impactful change. This blend of hands-on experience, proven leadership, community-building expertise, and passion for the potential of blockchain technology, I believe makes me an ideal candidate.

7. Why should people vote for you?

I stand out as a candidate due to my unique experience as the founder of the COLDS Collective, a digital-native organization dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies to improve the lives of Africans on the continent and across the diaspora. Through this organization, we have built a thriving community of people interested in or already immersed in Web3 and blockchain technology. This network extends to a broad array of partners, including companies, user and dev groups, university clubs, NGOs, and more. I am eager to apply my skills and this established structure to promote NEAR Protocol’s interest in North America, across emerging and frontier markets, and refine global strategies for regional community development. It would be a great honor to receive your votes in this election.

8. What is your strategy to develop regional communities?

My strategy is a multifaceted approach. On a broad level, it involves Aggregation, Education, and Activation. To start, I intend to aggregate all the existing groups aimed at expanding NEAR’s presence in their respective regions, aligning our objectives, and constructing a roadmap with clear OKRs. Following this, I plan to empower and educate the various regions using a grassroots strategy, facilitating events and meetups through local partners, and equipping them with the necessary resources and context to onboard their local communities to NEAR. Activation will involve designing self-sustaining models for these groups and the overarching community. My strategy for the North American region specifically will center on enhancing collaboration with the existing NEAR community. I plan to generate region-specific resources to facilitate education and community growth. Additionally, I’ll offer personalized mentorship to community members, fostering an environment of inclusion and active participation within the NEAR ecosystem.

9. What are your expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation?

I am willing to commit 15-20 hours per week to my role as a Regional Communities DAO Council member, at a rate of $50 per hour.

10. Please disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!

At this time, no potential conflicts of interest exist.


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