[Proposal] Application to be Council for RC DAO

Hello family!

I’m a big believer in DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) had the pleasure to learn
from @jlwaugh when I joined NEAR and I think we are in line with the idea that DAOs are the way to build a better society. I had a great time collaborating with the Near Community in the past and I’m excited to keep working now that we have all the tools and rules we need for a successful paradigm shift. Let’s do this!

NEAR Regional Community Working Group DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process.

My NEAR social post: Post by Fritz Wagner | Near Social

I would like to represent the NEAR Hispanic community (revamp NEAR HISPANO) and apply for the position of RC DAO Council Member.

1. About me

I am Fritz Wagner, Production Engineer with 8 years of experience in the Blockchain Space.

My presentation a year ago here in the forum.

My main contributions for the whole community where by participating as member of the Concierge Team and Creatives DAO moderators, where I had the pleasure to work with @KriptoRaptor @HaiVu @Kemal @rahulgoel007 @adrianseneca @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano and many others but the forum has a maximun taggin hehe =).

I’m currently looking to evolve my own dApp on NEAR called NearP2P is on mainnet, and teaching blockchain classes to newcomers at “Tecnologia Financiera,” an educational institution. You can find more information about it here on Instagram or Website.

2. Why should people vote for me

I have long proven my passion around on-chain community building.

I collaborated with the NEAR Ecosystem growth by launch my own web3 project and by participating in several different initiatives where I filled different roles from contributor to leading roles, such as: OWS, Meta Pool, TenkBay, CreativesDAO, Near Hispano, Merchants Guild, Community DAO. In addition, I was part of the ProjectOps Sub-Team where my priority focus was on NFT projects to which we provided full assistance, support to get grants, and connecting with Venture Capitals.

I had the honor of been featured in our NEAR governance forum in the 2021 and 2022 the Year in Review, and awarded with 3 gold badges here:

I believe the “Most Replied to” highlight and “Most Likes Received” are worth to mention:

Badges: 36

Network Use: 13480 transactions

I own more wallets =) just fritzwagner.near can prove great stats record.

DAOs as a Council: 18

Check full page here

Votes casted on AstroDAO as a Council: +497

Community: 224
NearVenezuela: 125
NearP2P: 41
Onboarding DAO: 102
Merchants: 46

Year in Review 2022 Highlights: 27

Most Time Reading
Most Replies
Most Replied to
Most Likes Given
Most Likes Received
Most Liked
Most Popular

Most Read
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Most Bookmarked

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Rewards & Opps
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Year in Review 2021 Highlights: 15

Most Time Reading
Most Replies
Most Replied to
Most Likes Given
Most Likes Received

I think this is a great opportunity to use my knowledge of web3 and my experience building communities for NEAR such as NEAR Hispano in my region, Merchants of NEAR, and others, to continue contributing to the growth of the NEAR Community. I’m excited to be part of this!

3. Strategy to develop regional communities

To develop the NEAR regional Hispanic community, I propose a strategy that includes committed KPIs from each regional community with on-chain evidence, active education programs, and attracting new projects to build on the NEAR ecosystem. This will help us build a strong and vibrant community that can contribute to the growth of NEAR and help us achieve our goals.

With my experience at Near University, Near Hispano, Near Community, Creatives DAO, Near Venezuela and the Concierge Team I can outline the following process:

  1. Lead a team committed to the growth of the region
  2. Focus on Education, Events and Collaborations with university student centers
  3. Present incentives for the development and active participation in the growth of dApps
  4. Provide Advisory, tutoring, and consulting for the development of web3 projects on NEAR and the application of marketing on them.
  5. Build a Hub from where to accelerate projects from the Hispanic American Community

We have been walking here already, as the Near Hispano Team already existed and presented a great project for the LATAM hub with the lead of @claudioac

Direct answers:

  1. Who is NearFritz?
    I am a big believer in DAOs
  2. Whats your experience?
    Participate actively (224 votes casted) at the Community DAO lead by @Dacha and James
    I’m an on-chain community builder who helped build and grow Near Hispano, Merchants, and Creatives
    I have served as a jury member for two theses related to blockchain at UNIMET
  3. Any skills? Goals? How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?
  • Skills: Empathy, Strategic planning, Communication, Resilience, Networking, Teamwork
  • Goal: DAO tech as voting system even for States.
  • How involved: 3 Gold Badges from the NEAR Governance Forum
  1. Where is your home??
    I am German and Venezuelan, I am living in Venezuela but planning to move to Colombia
  2. Which communities do you represent??
    Continent: South America
  3. Why are you a good candidate??
    I have been an active member of the community, earned 36 badges and completed over 13,480 transactions. I have also cast over 497 votes on AstroDAO and participate as a council member on 18 DAOs. Additionally, I received 2,700 likes on the gov forum in 2022 alone.
  4. Why should people vote for you??
    I’m a loyal, recognized, and prominent member of the NEAR community who has actively participated in its development and growth. My experience in web3 has allowed me to contribute significantly to the NEAR ecosystem and I’m committed to continuing to do so in the future.
  5. Explain your strategy to develop regional communities.?
    Teamwork → Educate → Onboard → Assist → Launch
  6. Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation.?
    I am committed to dedicating up to 48 hours per week to this leadership role. As for compensation, I believe in aligning my expectations with the NDC standards.
  7. Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!?
    Although Venezuela is a target country for sanctions, I am German and have the ability to travel and move my residency freely. As believers in decentralization, we should strive to overcome these barriers and work together towards a more open and inclusive future.

Always at the service of the NEAR Community, I am enthusiastic about continuing to support the growth of our community :star_struck:

Thank you all for being here and building the NEAR future!


Full support, mate! :rocket: :beers:



I followed your lead there with the 1, 2, 3 main points :wink: So I have to say:
Thank you partner.



Actually, I learn more from you, thanks mate! :beers:
Hope our paths cross again.


My support is for you @FritzWorm WAGMI! :heart:


Hey hi Fritz,

Great to see your nomination post mate…


By the way… The council seats are continental in nature so you will need to edit your post to represent a continent.


Great to see your nomination, @FritzWorm. :fire: I loved working with you in the NEAR #ConciergeTeam, so would really looking forward to working with you again. You have my support and best of luck! :pray:


It’s great to read your proposal @FritzWorm :relaxed:. Your vast experience makes you an excellent candidate to represent our region in this position. I’m always happy to support you. :beers:


All my support for an exceptional :sparkles: leader, our continent could not have a better representation. :100:


Hey Hey :wave: thanks for the editing call, good to know.

Edit is done.

→ 5. Which communities do you represent??
Continent: South America


All the guaranteed enrichment and the tools that the ecosystem needs for success! always hand in hand with great leaders like @FritzWorm


You have my support sir.


Hello @Ola how are you ?
In Brazil, with 214 millions of habitants, we not speak Spanish only Portuguese, how can we communicate with all continent, that speak two different languages?
We cant be a hub?


I agree with you partner there is a barrier we need to overcome together.

Brazil is huge and it is indeed another language.

Positive: Both languages and cultures are similar, and I have had the opportunity to interact deeply with Brazilian communities thanks to my role as a Creatives Moderator

And most important, you and me we are familiar with each other, I got a beautiful message the end of the year from you and also now that I see we seem to be competing each other for this position so I sent you a private voice message one hour ago to let you know I agree with you and would love to collaborate with you or invite you to collaborate with me in the best interest of the whole South America.

To summarize: I agree with you and would love to collaborate with you on community building initiatives that are in the best interest of South America.

Big hug.


Yes of course partner! :sparkling_heart:
I think it’s not about competition, but about collaboration and showing the commission that our continent is a giant with two languages, that it doesn’t work to speak in English.
There is a hub star on the map, and it would be nice to know how it works?
we love each other, and I’m rooting for the community, we can only win!

Just listened to your message now :slight_smile: lovely thanks Bro! :sparkling_heart:

But my question is more related to the commission and the NDC to be aware of this barrier to better serve the community as a whole, as we have to clarify the continental need.


Hello Frado,

Please note, there is no council seat thats based on Language representation and here are only council seat representation based on continents

Only this way can we avoid complicating issues and have a seamless operation…


you have all my support in this new adventure


All my support Firend, keep doing what you love :star_struck:


Hey brother, you count on me for what I can do depending on the time available, what I can give you support I will. I trust you, I am here at NEAR thanks to you and your help. great, good luck :upside_down_face:


you have all the merits to representive our community, lets go Fritz!!