[Rejected] NEAR ASIA DAO V1: NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-1-5 Regional Development

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • Organization Name: NEAR Asia DAO
  • DAO established: 15th November, 2023
  • DAO’s Category: Regional Community/Marketing
  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2. Previous Funding

Have you received funding for this project from any source?

Before the NDC process, each region in Asia has received funds from Marketing DAO and NF to support the growing Asia community.

Now we propose the Asia DAO which aims to unify all leaders in Asia to support the developing NEAR ecosystem in Asia.


Asia, the world’s largest and most diverse continent, boasts a rich tapestry of cultures and histories. Home to over 4.6 billion people, speaking more than 2,300 languages, this remarkable diversity is a cornerstone of Asia’s strength, fostering a wealth of unique perspectives and ideas.

The Asian economy stands as a powerhouse on the global stage. It ranks among the largest in the world, with its influence spanning industries and innovation. Engaging with the Asian market is essential for businesses seeking growth and expansion opportunities.

Asia also hosts a substantial pool of developers. As evidenced by 2022, Asia is home to 26.3% of the world’s developers, solidifying its position as a prominent global developer hub.

In parallel with its economic prowess, Asia is witnessing a swift surge in crypto adoption. Asia’s regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is in a state of evolution. Several countries within the continent have begun to lay down clear frameworks for crypto regulation, promoting a sense of security and fostering a favorable environment for businesses operating within the crypto sphere.

NEAR Asia supports users, developers and entrepreneurs in Asia. As the primary force of the NEAR Regional hubs, NEAR RC-DAO Asia consists of some of the biggest and well-developed communities that generates substantial local awareness as well as support user onboarding and project building on NEAR by hosting events, hackathons, translated content, and more.

Section 3. DAO URLs

  • Astro Dao
  • Social Media: TBU
    *** Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country?**
    No. NEAR Asia DAO support all regions in Asia to extend and build up NEAR Ecosystems and main focus on:

1. Education and awareness

Build a comprehensive understanding and adoption of blockchain technology, with a focus on the NEAR Ecosystem, among students and faculty. This can be achieved through workshops, hackathons, and other educational events.

Create and distribute original reviews and content, contributing to the NEAR Ecosystem in a global context. This can be done through blog posts, videos, social media posts, and other forms of content.

Partner with educational institutions in Asia to develop blockchain-related courses and programs. This will help to create a pipeline of talent for the NEAR Ecosystem.

2. Research and development

Nurture pioneering research in blockchain technology by offering valuable resources, financial aid, and mentorship. This will help to drive innovation and development within the NEAR Ecosystem.

Support the development of NEAR-based applications and protocols. This can be done through grants, hackathons, and other forms of support.

Encourage collaboration between NEAR Ecosystem developers and researchers in Asia. This will help to foster a vibrant and innovative community.

3. Community development

Create a robust, globally connected community of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals at the grassroots university level. This can be done through events, online forums, and other forms of community engagement.

Empower local communities in Asia to build and launch their own NEAR-based projects. This can be done through mentorship, training, and other forms of support.

Promote diversity and inclusion within the NEAR Ecosystem in Asia. This will help to create a more equitable and inclusive community.

4. Ecosystem growth

Drive adoption of NEAR Protocol and NEAR-based applications among businesses and organizations in Asia. This can be done through partnerships, marketing campaigns, and other forms of outreach.

Support the growth of the NEAR Ecosystem in Asia by attracting new developers, users, and investors. This can be done through events, conferences, and other forms of promotion.

Advocate for NEAR Protocol and NEAR-based applications with government and regulatory bodies in Asia. This will help to create a supportive policy environment for the NEAR Ecosystem.

*** Which region will your DAO/ Project support?**
All regions in Asia
NEAR Asia DAO is a place where any community members from Asia region can contribute by active or passive participation, regardless of age (18+) , race, experience, gender, personality, and religion.
These codes apply in the NEAR Asia DAO and are balanced with a trust in the good intentions of our community members.
These “place” including every platform where the NEAR Asia DAO will exist like:
Online platform: Governance Forum, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Near Social, Medium, Wechat
Offline Event including out from Asia Region
Meeting, forum discussion, P2P interactions in the meetings
Twitter Space, Youtube podcast, Spotify podcast, every streaming platform
Presenting NEAR Asia RC DAO outside NEAR event

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5. Team Members

DAO Members
@rileytran - rileytran.near (Vietnam)
@monish016 - Monish016.near (India)
@3UN1C3 - nearlove.near (China)
Jaden, Core member, coineasydao.near (Korea)
Andrew, Core member, gryptoguru.near (Korea)
@devbose111: devbose.near (India)
@murmurphy- murmurphy.near (China)

Name: Riley Tran (Vietnam)
Role: Operation
Role Description: Responsible for overseeing the entire planning and strategy process, from identifying goals and objectives to developing and implementing specific action plans of Asia DAO. Work closely with the other members to review all the RC applications to gather input and ensure that the plans are aligned with the community’s needs and interests as well as NDC and NEAR Ecosystem strategies.
Near social : @rileytran.near
Near forums : @RileyTran

Name: Monish (India)
Role: Strategic Planning

Role Description: Review Proposal towards Asia DAO,Plan activities across regionals to Align KPIs set by Asia DAO, HoM and CoA. Also be the Marketing Advisor on Spearheading Campaigns, Onboarding and Engagement of the Regional communities across Asia.

Near Social: Monish016
Near Forum: Monish016

Name: Eunice (China)
Role: Community Success and Communications
Role Description: Review all proposals and manage meetings with community leaders to achieve the specified KPIs. Prepare reports and drafts in collaboration with other council members. Assist in determining short-term and long-term strategies for each regional community and track their progress.
Near Social: nearlove.near
Near Forum: @3UN1C3

Name: Jaden (Korea)
Role: Business Development
Role Description: My responsibilities include expanding partnerships and fostering growth. I review all proposals and manage meetings with community leaders to achieve specific KPIs. Additionally, I prepare reports and drafts in collaboration with other council members. Part of my role involves assisting in the development of short-term and long-term strategies for each regional community and monitoring their progress.

Near Social: https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=coineasydao.near
Near Forum: Summary - CoinEasy - NEAR Forum

Name: Andrew (Korea)
Role: Head of Marketing
Role Description: Responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies that align with the company’s overall goals and objectives. This includes market research, branding, and positioning.
Near Social: Near Social
Near Forum: Profile - gryptogolo - NEAR Forum

Name : Dev Basu (India)
Role : Strategic Comms/Marketing.
Role Description: consist of enabling cross-chain partnerships and reviewing community growth proposals for ASIA DAO. My focus would be on enabling swift communication between the existing regional communities by engaging in regular meetings with the rest of ASIA DAO members. Moreover, my key emphasis will be on reporting the metrics/growth while aligning according to strategies as per the KPIs set forth.

Near social : devbose.near (devbose.near) | Near Social
Near forums : Profile - Devbose - NEAR Forum

Name: Murphy (China)
Role: Community management
Role Description:
Assisting in coordinating and managing the responsibilities of the regional community, responsible for executing KPIs established by Asia DAO and offer valuable feedback to enhance performance. Aiding Asia DAO in effectively overseeing the content within the regional communities, ensuring the successful completion of high-priority tasks set by the HoM and CoA.

Near Social: murmurphy.near
Near Forum: Profile - murphy1 - NEAR Forum

Section 6. Experience

Riley Tran - Marketing & Community NEAR Vietnam
I’m the first person who have been building NEAR Vietnam Community. I have built NEAR Vietnam to become one of the biggest NEAR Communities with more than +35k communities with the variety channels:

The team has not only support in Marketing and community but we also have been contributing to expand the NEAR ecosystems by education, incubation and dev support to have more projects on NEAR. And bring Vietnam to the top #1 country in term of smart contract deployments Wallets_geo_analytics_v2.xlsx - Google Sheets .

Event Leader of the biggest ecosystem conference - NEAR APAC. With some incredible traction numbers as below, we are proud that we pushed NEAR reputation to a new level in APAC.
Sum-up number traction

  • 25.000+ tickets were issued
  • 20.000+ participants in 2 days

Impression & reach on Social Media:

  • 10M+ impressions on Social Media
  • 600k+ engagement
  • Top 3 trending on Twitter with hashtag #NEARAPAC on 10th Sept
  • Top 1 trending on Facebook with hashtag NEAR APAC 9th Sept

Roundup PR

  • 11 TV channels which has 3 biggest National channels (HTV9, VTV1, VTV9) and other government channels
  • 200+ local and global media PR (have press release on all the top media) - check the link (more will be updated soon as we will have post PR in a months)
  • EST Views over 5M+ views (on social media and PR)

Other number:

Monish (India)
Web3 Marketer and NEAR Community OG Member, Contributed to various initiatives on NEAR. Cofounder of KalakendraDAO a prime reason on expansion on NEAR To India, Contributed to various Near Ecosystem like CreativesDAO, The Auction, OpenWebsandbox, MarmaJ, Mintbase, Croncat Etc.,

Eunice (China)
Former member of the NEAR Foundation Community Team and NEAR OG member. Founding team of NEAR China. 6+ years of marketing and community experience in Web3 & blockchain with a large and strong network worldwide. Proven Track record in advising and providing marketing support, both offline and online, for the NEAR ecosystem, such as Paras, Sender Wallet, Jumbo, Aurora, Octopus, Pembrock, Linear etc. Core contributor of @NEAR_blockchain Twitter, promoting NEAR ecosystem projects.

Our presence across social media platforms is thriving, showcasing the active engagement of china community members:

And we also started operating Aurora CN community since October 2023:

Aurora CN Medium: over 100 blogs

Jaden (Korea)
Since April 2022, I have been a founding team member of NEAR Korea DAO. I founded CoinEasy in August 2021. My experience spans over three years in marketing, community building, and business development and growth within the Web3 and blockchain sectors. I possess a large and strong global network. My track record demonstrates success in advising and providing marketing support, both offline and online, for various NEAR ecosystem projects such as Ref Finance, Sender Wallet, Jumbo, Meta Pool, Octopus Network, Pembrock, Here Wallet, Jump Defi, Ottochain, Popula, etc., effectively promoting NEAR ecosystem initiatives.

Andrew (Korea):
I have been a co-founding team member of NEAR Korea DAO and co-founded CoinEasy in August 2021. My experience extends over six years in marketing, community building, and research within the Web3 and blockchain sectors.

What is Near Korea DAO?
B - Building a strong community
O - Onboarding new users into the world of NEAR
S - Spreading the word of NEAR across Korea

The social media channels:

Core member Jaden: Near Social 1
Core member Kailey: Near Social
Core member gryptoguru: Near Social

NEAR Protocol Korea DAO members:

CoinEasy: Telegram: Contact @coiniseasy 1 (4.9k users)

크립토 도서관: Telegram: Contact @gachi2job (10k users)

코인같이투자: Telegram: Contact @WeCryptoTogether (22k users)

BQ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXwcm91Ebpsn_2Qx1lguTZw (5.6k users)

멘탈관리소: Telegram: Contact @jaysonchart (1.8k users)

Detailed what we have done: (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. )

Dev Basu (India)
My journey began on Near 2 years ago as a NFT degen & slowly transitioned to one of the top Global KOL accounts. Several projects built on Near have been my clients including Ref finance, tradeport, Indexer & Stader etc to name a few.
Handled Shitzu community marketing by highlighting various Near projects by organizing onchain crosswords. Acquired cumulative 1 million+ views on X posts in last 1 year which includes strategic Near info. I’m currently building Defishards which is a Defi x NFT platform on NEAR.

Murphy (China)
As the NEAR Chinese Community Manager since July 2022, has been dedicated to fostering the growth and development of both user and developer communities in China. Responsibilities encompass promoting user education and organizing events within the region. Cultivated extensive connections within the Chinese media landscape and established strong ties with various Chinese university blockchain clubs. Provided valuable marketing support to a range of NEAR ecosystem projects, including Sender wallet, Aurora, Meteor wallet, LiNEAR, Octopus, and more.

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • NEAR Asia DAO focuses on supporting all regions in Asia to extend and build up NEAR Ecosystems through education and awareness, research and development, community development and ecosystem growth. Setting up an Asia DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) holds significant importance for a blockchain community due to several reasons:

1. Market Potential: Asia, particularly countries like China, Vietnam, and India, has a massive and rapidly growing blockchain market. These are also the three largest communities on NEAR. Establishing an Asia DAO allows us to target a substantial user base, fostering adoption and growth.
2. Cultural Relevance: Asia has a diverse and vibrant cultural landscape, with unique characteristics and preferences. By having a dedicated Asia DAO, the community can tailor its strategies, products, and services to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Asian market, enhancing relevance and resonance.
3. Local Expertise and Networks: A dedicated Asia DAO enables the community to leverage local expertise, knowledge, and networks. It allows the DAO to collaborate with regional blockchain projects, industry leaders, and influencers, fostering partnerships and driving innovation through cross-pollination of ideas.
4. Community Engagement: Establishing an Asia DAO provides a platform for fostering strong community engagement within the region. It allows for localized events, meetups, and initiatives that cater to the needs and interests of the Asian community, promoting inclusivity and participation.
5. Regulatory Landscape: Asia exhibits a wide range of regulatory approaches to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. By having an Asia DAO, the community can navigate and engage with regional regulatory frameworks more effectively, ensuring compliance and regulatory clarity for its initiatives.
6. Global Expansion: Asia serves as a gateway to global markets, with many blockchain projects originating from the region gaining international prominence. An Asia DAO can act as a springboard for NEAR to expand globally, leveraging the region’s reputation and connections.
7. Cultural Exchange and Collaboration: A dedicated Asia DAO facilitates cultural exchange and collaboration among diverse communities within the region. It encourages knowledge-sharing, cross-pollination of ideas, and collaboration on joint initiatives, fostering a vibrant and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

(Mission, Vision, Core programs and how they align with NDC’s NDC CoA Vision, team, and requested budget for the next three months)

*** Current Problem:**

  1. There is an ongoing issue of overlapping activities and OKRs among different DAOs, emphasizing the need for clear task and function delineation to prevent redundancy.
  2. Currently, regional communities face limitations in reaching out for funding requests as they can only approach the Marketing DAO, with each request capped at a maximum of $3K. This poses challenges for large Asian communities in sustaining their operations effectively.
  3. The lack of a proper onboarding process or support for the Asian communities and projects makes it particularly challenging for them to seek assistance from the NEAR or other existing DAOs for support.

*** DAO/Project Charter**

How can your DAO / Project achieve NDC priorities, goals, and KPIs?

The Near Asia DAO will establish a close collaboration with HoM to effectively achieve the goals and KPIs set by the NDC. This DAO is founded by three prominent and largest communities on NEAR, namely NEAR Vietnam Hub, NEAR China (previously NEAR China Hub), and NEAR India. The council members of this DAO possess extensive experience in NEAR Community building and have been leading their respective regional communities.


To ensure effective communication and alignment, the council members will convene weekly meetings to discuss strategies, fostering collaboration and progress. Additionally, on a monthly basis, they will review proposals from various initiatives. The DAO is open to welcoming new communities and projects based in Asia to join the council, extending the opportunity for broader participation and representation.

As part of their responsibilities, the council members will provide guidance on community setup and carefully review all applications on a rolling basis. They will assess if further information is required and, if necessary, schedule a call with the applying team. Throughout this process, the council may provide additional inquiries or suggestions to refine the proposals and generate new ideas.

  • Roadmap of your DAO/project, Milestones, and achievements

Objective 1: Outreach to New Audience

Key Result 1: Increase number of followers on Telegram/Facebook/Tiktok/ Instagram/ Discord in Asia. Especially on Tiktok and Instagram to attract the majority of young people.

Key Result 2: Have more Local community activation through more offline events as small community meet-up and have big conference of NEAR APAC 2024

Key Result 3: Have more online workshops/ online events to interact a

Key Result 4: Increase the components/ Dapps on NEAR via education activities (program with universities and with web 2 developers). Have a Dashboard to track all on-chain activities.

Key Result 5: Have hackathon programs to attract new projects, and EVM projects on BOS.

Objective 2: Expand Community Reach and Diversity

Key Result 1: Localize (including, without limitation, translating to Regional languages) and disseminate NEAR-related content including articles, press releases, social media posts, short videos, and long videos published by the Foundation to educate and engage the NEAR community about the latest updates regarding NEAR.

Key Result 2: Implement initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusivity within the community, including outreach programs and mentorship opportunities.

Objective 3: Community Engagement and Support

Key Result 1: Increase the number of active community members participating in discussions, events, and initiatives.

Key Result 2:Increase the average engagement rate (comments, likes, shares) on community platforms (especially on Near Social)

Key Result 3: Organize regular virtual meetups and workshops to facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking within the community

Key Result 4: Introduce ambassador program to encourage community members or project founders to take leadership roles and contribute to the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem.

Section 8. Budget

Projected Budget for the next three months (In USD for each Task/Milestone)

Monthly budget: $56,500

Goals: Onboard 8-10 efficient communities to get 500+ new users, establish 5+ new partnerships or have activities with current partners , 10+ Online/ offline events, 500K total impressions of all social media channels, having 1500+ new followers on the SM

Budget for V1: $56,500 x3 = $169,500
Detail Budget + KPI link

  • What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project? Will your team be working on this project full time?

Team will work full-time to control and guarantee the qualities and milestones of all activities in our charter.

  • Will your team be fully remunerated from this budget?

Yes. The team will be fully remunerated from this budget only.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?

We will receive continuous funding for 6 months, and based on the results, HOM will evaluate our KPI and decide to continue or not.

Will your DAO/Project device be a way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?

Key Success for NEAR Globe DAO is :

Active and high quality local communities to become regional hubs.

To nurture the new communities and lead them to become self-sustaining local communities in the long term, which is partially* The operation and marketing cost will be covered by each community themselves, and get NPS 50+ with each community.

Review KPI with each RC every month to see the commit KPI.


Hi @RileyTran , I am happy to see this proposal to NDC, which unifies community efforts from some key markets in the Asia region. Being an NDC/HoM member from Asia, I don’t hesitate to say that Asia-related items are my priority. But as my general attitude to all community grant proposals, I think NEAR community expansion and consolidation efforts should focus on Open Web developers/founders engagement and retention rather than booming awareness. NEAR Protocol is an infra, which needs good developers and founders to realize its value.

We are likely at the end of a crypto winter. This period is particularly challenging for Open Web teams; many have exhausted their cash reserves and might be forced to leave just before dawn. This is why I believe now is the best time to invest in developers and founders, especially to retain developers and teams who joined NEAR eco during the last cycle and have stayed with us since then.

I’m ready to support every proposal that helps NEAR developers and teams and expands the group, provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The execution team has a solid track record and good reputation in NEAR eco;
  2. Reasonable cost structure;
  3. Measurable deliverables;

I think all these criteria are not a problem for the Asia DAO. The only problem would be the most productive direction to allocate community resources, activist energy + treasury money, for ecosystem value maximization. Hopefully, you will consider my humble opinion.



Thank you Louis for your support and advices!


Looking forward to the establishment of Asia Dao! Let’s keep building.


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