[Proposal] Apply to become Council Member of Regional DAO

Dear NEAR Community,

Regional Community Working Group @rc-dao.near

Regional Community Working Group DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process.

I am excited to announce my self-nomination for the position of DAO Council Member. My name is Seung Hyun, the founder of CoinEasy, a cryptocurrency education platform, and a passionate blockchain enthusiast. I have also been leading the NEAR Korea DAO since 2022, focusing on community growth and education in the region.

I have several years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, having worked on numerous projects, from startups to established companies. I have extensive knowledge in blockchain development, cryptocurrency trading, and digital marketing.

I possess a broad range of skills, including blockchain development, project management, content creation, and community building. My ultimate goal is to make cryptocurrency education accessible to everyone and foster a community of informed and engaged crypto enthusiasts.

Involvement with NEAR and the Blockchain Ecosystem
As the founder of CoinEasy and the lead of the NEAR Korea DAO since 2022 (which you can learn more about here: NEAR Protocol Korea DAO), I have been deeply involved in both the NEAR Protocol and the broader blockchain ecosystem. CoinEasy, the platform I founded, leverages the NEAR Protocol to power its operations, enhancing the learning experience for our users. In addition, both through CoinEasy and the NEAR Korea DAO, we actively promote the NEAR Protocol via educational content and workshops. These efforts represent our significant contribution to the growth of the ecosystem.

I am based in Seoul, South Korea.

I Represent My primary focus is the Korean crypto community, especially catering to crypto beginners and enthusiasts interested in gaining knowledge and understanding about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Why I’m a Good Candidate
I believe I am a good candidate because of my extensive experience in the blockchain sector, my commitment to educating people about cryptocurrencies, and my track record of building and managing communities. I understand the challenges faced by beginners in the crypto space and strive to make their learning journey easier and rewarding.

Why People Should Vote for Me
People should vote for me because I am committed to fostering the NEAR ecosystem and broader blockchain community. I bring a unique combination of technical expertise, community-building skills, and a passion for education to the table.

Strategy for Regional Communities
My strategy to develop regional communities involves regular workshops, meetups, and engaging educational content. I aim to build a vibrant, engaged community of users who can learn, interact, and grow together in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Time Commitment and Compensation
I am committed to dedicating a significant portion of my time to community development and engagement. As for compensation, I believe in the value I bring and would expect fair compensation for my efforts.

Potential Conflicts of Interest
I don’t have any potential conflicts of interest. I am fully committed to the NEAR Protocol and its community. I aim to foster an environment where learning about cryptocurrencies is not only accessible but also fun and rewarding

I look forward to the opportunity to serve this community and contribute to its growth and success. Thank you for considering my nomination.