[RCWG UPDATE] A Cal For Council Self Nomination

Hello NEAR family!

It’s been a long ride for months now and we are almost here. The Regional Communities Working Group is set to launch the RC-DAO v0.8 which will make it possible to have admins, councils, and voters group all in one.

We encourage community members to read through this summarised slide (RC DAO Elections - Google Slides) for more details about the three roles.

Given that we are set to begin elections for council members, there is a need to have a voter group on the DAO bOS page which is dedicated for everyone in the community who has verified their humanity. These are those who are qualified to vote for council members who are contesting for council seats in their region. Community members are expected to click this link to join the voter group. Near Social

Also, we announce the open seats for great community members to contest for council seats in the RC-DAO. There are basic requirements for community members who are interested in this role. As a paid role, these are the duties of the councils:

Review and approve Community proposals to outline with growth and strategic direction of the Ecosystem

2. ```
Build a Community Budget 

Handle distribution of funds and finances to the community

4. ```
Review regional community reports to outline the funds approved for them

Members interested in council seats are expected to write a post on near.social with the following information

  1. Who are you? 2. What is your experience?

  2. Any skills? Goals? 4. How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?

  3. Where is your home?

  4. Which communities do you represent?

  5. Why are you a good candidate?

  6. Why should people vote for you?

  7. Explain your strategy to develop regional communities.

  8. Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation.

  9. Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!

When you are done, post the link to your near.social post in the RCWG telegram group Telegram: Join Group Chat

The deadline for accepting contestants’ posts to indicate interest in the council role is 30th June 2023.

Thanks to all the contributors of RCWG and the Great Community Leaders we have!

Congratulations to everyone who will contest and be voted by the community.


Lets have those self nomination proposals guys.