[PROPOSAL] Analog Photo NFT Series - OuluJournal

Name: OuluJournal - Analog photography series

11/10/22 - 16/10/22 : timeframe for shooting the project
12/11/22 : deadline for creating NFTs & gallery (allowing for ample developing, digitisation, editing & minting time)

In October 2022, I will be traveling to Finland to connect with an art residency based in the town of Ii, in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. While I will be self-funding the trip, I would like to propose a creative project to take advantage of already being in a new place for a period of time. This would involve a black and white analog photo series, turned into an online gallery exhibition of NFTs via the Garden Collective mintbase store.

The overall trip will be six days. As my visit to the art residency will take up three days of my time, I am proposing a two-day project in the nearby city of Oulu, giving me 48 hours to create a series of expressive Black & White photographs that will try to capture a city and culture from an outsiders perspective. The idea is to focus on the simple day-to-day happenings that stand out to me as an outsider and observer with fresh eyes, and create a photo journal of this experience.

I will shoot four rolls of film on two different analog cameras with an intended outcome of 10 to 20 final photos to be minted on the Garden mintbase store and created into a 3XR gallery space (with a possible physical exhibition in the future).

Cost breakdown:

Ilford professional B&W film 400 - $11 x 3 - $33

Ilford delta 3200 film - $12.50

Developing and digitisation of photos in the lab - $68

(to be developed in Carmencita, Lisbon = https://carmencitafilmlab.com/prices/)

Accommodation for the two nights = $150
Transport to, from, and around the city of Oulu (from Ii) = $125

(The flights to and from Finland, as well as the other four nights of accommodation outside of the project are self-funded, the above costs are specifically associated with this project.)

Editing & minting of NFTs & creation of 3XR space

  • no fee / considered council work / DAO facilitation

Total requested: $388.5

Update: Still awaiting one roll of film to be processed due to a mix up in the rolls at the lab, but the rest have been processed and edited. Uploading the NFTs as soon as the final roll comes through!