[PROPOSAL] The Balearic Islands Analog Photography NFT Series

Hi there friends,

My name is Patricia Imbarus, I’m a photographer and producer currently based in sunny Lisbon. I’m delighted to meet you all!

Thank you so much for your outstanding efforts to nurture such a wonderful community and congratulations on your excellent work.

I have been following closely your journey with NEAR, and I must thank my close friends running Muti and The Garden Collective for introducing me to this fascinating space.

A little bit of background info on my end – I have been working as a professional photographer, art director and producer for 12 years, having lived and worked during this time in Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Past clients and collaborations include Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, IDOL, Fucking Young, Nasty, Glamour, Diesel, Guess, Conde Nast Traveller, Louise Misha, La Redoute, and others.

A. Project description:

I am currently developing a series of images inspired by the sea and coastal living to be compiled into a photography book by the end of 2023. The book will focus on imagery, but the photographs will be accompanied by text descriptions, poems, songs, and illustrations.

This is a long-term project which started in 2015 and some of the locations where I shot for it so far include Costa Rica, Morocco, Indonesia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan, and others.

The collection features both digital and analog images, with an increasing focus on 35mm and 120 film imagery.

You can check this series I shot in Corfu entirely on film, to get an idea.

Part of the body of work developed so far is being exhibited by Saatchi and Perspectives Gallery and is available for purchase as limited edition fine art prints.

In May I will be heading to the Balearic Islands for two weeks to shoot for the book, and I’m excited to share my proposal for the May funding round of The Garden Collective DAO.

B. Portfolio:

You can learn more about my work here:

C. Funding request:

1. Funding period:

May 2022

2. Team members:

Patricia Imbarus – Photographer

3. Timeline of the project:

  • Shoot pre-production: 2nd – 9th of May, 2022

  • Photo shooting period: 10th – 24th of May, 2022

  • Photo selection and editing: 25th of May – 16th of June, 2022

  • Launch of NFTs: 1st of July, 2022

4. Output:

  • 15 final images minted as a series of NFTs on the Garden Collective Mintbase store
    • 5 of the images will each have multiple NFTs minted, with the first purchaser receiving a physical giclée print (numbered and signed by the artist).
    • 10 images as one-off exclusive NFTs

Total: 35 NFTs; 5 physical prints accompanying 5 of these NFTs.

5. Project costs:

The project has been entirely self-funded since 2015. For this upcoming ‘leg of the journey’, I will self-fund the bulk of the travel and accommodation expenses, transfers, meals, gear rental and photo supplies. However, I would wholeheartedly appreciate your support with the following:

  • Travel costs:
    • Flights: return flights from Lisbon to Ibiza, 120 EUR
    • Accommodation: 13 nights x 30 EUR / night, 390 EUR
  • Photographic supplies:
    • 35mm coloured film: Portra 160, 400, 800; Ektar 100 – 12 rolls, 150 EUR
    • 35mm black and white film: Ilford HP5+ – 3 rolls, 18 EUR
    • 120 coloured film: Portra 400 – 5 rolls, 67 EUR
  • Image processing (developing and scanning by Carmencita Film Lab:
    • 35mm coloured film: 16 EUR / roll x 12 rolls, 192 EUR
    • 35mm black and white film: 19 EUR / roll x 3 rolls, 57 EUR
    • 120 coloured film: 15 EUR / roll x 5 rolls, 75 EUR
  • Fine art prints (printing and certification by Fine Art Imaging:
    • 5 of 50 x 75cm prints (supporting the 5 NFTs): 44 EUR / print x 5, 220 EUR
  • Photographer fees:
    • Photography services: 200 EUR

The total amount requested is: 1,489.00 EUR (1,569.69 USD OR 133.13 NEAR).

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I would be thrilled to team up with the NEAR community for this project and I hope this can be the first of many lovely collaborations.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Warmest regards and have a sunny day,



Hey, hey Patricia!
Thanks for the proposal and welcome to the NEAR ecosystem. Happy to have you.

The project looks great and we would be happy to support this through the Garden Collective DAO. What I might suggest here is that we split the project over the course of two months budget proposal if that’s ok with you? We could include the first 50% in May’s budget to cover initial costs and the other 50% as part of June’s budget to be paid out on completion.

Hi Ted,

Thank you so much for the prompt and thoughtful feedback.

That sounds fantastic! We can of course split the budget across May and June. Please let me know what you would need next on my behalf!

This is so exciting and I can’t wait to kickstart this collaboration.

Have a lovely day,

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing great!

Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity. I’m delighted to let you know that the trip went super, the weather was perfect and I shot lots of exciting content.

All the film rolls have been dropped off to Carmencita Labs for processing, and they’ll be ready by the 1st of June. Meanwhile, I’m currently working on the digital photo selection and moving forwards with the editing.

Can’t wait to share with you the final selection and mint my first NFTs.

I will keep you posted on the progress and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend,

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Thanks for the update @patricia ,
Looking forward to seeing the pieces and having them minted in our mintbase store!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing great!

I’m happy to report that the project is complete with 35 NFTs minted on the Garden Collective Mintbase store, and there’s an online gallery up for viewing the images too courtesy of @ted.iv.

I also did some fine art print tests and they came out lovely!

I’m so grateful for your support! And, super excited to keep learning and contributing to this inspiring space and collective.

If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much and have a sunny day,

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