[PROPOSAL] Community building/Onboarding musicians/artists/collectors into the NEAR ecosystem


I’d like to write a proposal for sustaining efforts with onboarding musicians/artists/collectors into the NEAR ecosystem by setting them up with NEAR names.

I’ve been working towards building out the community, alongside Vandal, at DAOrecords since February, and would like to continue these efforts. During this time, I’ve been having introductory meetings regularly with musicians new to the space and then bringing them into the NxM telegram community as well as setting them up with NEAR names.

I’d like to be able to continue these efforts of onboarding musicians/artists/collectors into the NEAR ecosystem. I think that starting with the goal of onboarding 15 new people into the ecosystem monthly would be reasonable and attainable to begin with.

Proposal breakdown: 5 NEAR fund pool for onboarding and 75 NEAR for onboarding
TOTAL Request: 80 NEAR/mo timeline tbd
NEAR name: bonepoliceofficial.near

Jacob Bruggman

Thank you!


I edited to clarify that my ambition is to expand what I’ve learned and continue to learn from being a part of the DAOrecords family into event opportunities for NxM guild members as they grow in the space. Looking to keep engagement so that we can build this community to last and not just to sell an NFT. Tho, that’s always a nice bonus.


I really love this and am happy to help in any way!



Awesome proposal @bonepolice! I actually see 2 separate proposal here, which maybe you can think to divide them up and submit them separately.

  1. Onboarding - initiating new members into NxM via DAOrecords as well as through various social media activities. Maybe set a goal of how many per month?

  2. NxM Drops - A monthly (or weekly) event that features new drops from NxM members in Cryptovoxels (Maybe we can allocate a parcel for this via DAOrecords) I feel like it’s best to focus on an event specific to NxM and keep it separate from DAOdrops.

Just some ideas for you to use to refine your proposal!


Totally! I’ll work on that and resubmit. Thank you for the insight, really helps, this is all so new to me.


No worries @bonepolice that’s the whole point of these exercises! We hope to enable everyone to understand the processes involved in submitting proposals to the DAO to get funding!