[PRIZE RESULTS] NEAR Metaverse Prize: submission of candidates (visual art and music)

Ok, I’ve already changed the definitions to a not for children content. I changed recently the link of Noemia’s and forgot to warn you, sorry! Noémia | Astrea it requires a video? The work is not minted yet, you can mint it although!

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Também vou me inscrever pela minha carteira pessoal


a obra está mintada no gambiarra!
link: Spaceship - Mintbase

Como todas as obras dessa coleção, a foto foi tirada durante um trippy de lsd.

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Exclusive video clip designed to tokenize one of the tracks on the Jazzmydassas EP

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Yes, it requires a video, at least the music with some cover image on youtube, because we are exhibiting the submissions as a youtube playlist.

Oh, I cannot mint your work. heheh. There is something important in the own creator(s) minting their work.

Hey, Falmon. Thank you for your submission.
Could you send us a youtube link? We are putting the music submissions inside a youtube playlist to roll on cryptovoxels. :slight_smile:

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hey my friend! today is the deadline? I send the work. It´s not minted. Do I have to mint?
I forgot to send my wallet. just a minute

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Yes, my friend, you have to mint it. I am closing now the submissions. With you, we are complete in the wall…

I will mint now but não sei como achar minha near wallet para te enviar kkk depois me explica ok? posso mintar no Gambiarra? desculpe escrever em portugues

My dear friends, the submissions to our prize are closed now. We thank everybody who submitted. We are organizing everything on Cryptovoxels now. For whose who already minted a work, we produced a collective work that is also a 3xr virtual gallery NFT. Click here to see the gallery: 3XR

As soon as the other who submitted also mint their works, we can produce another one, with the other artists.

Our winners will be anounced at December 19th, 23:59h UTC, together with a dope party on Metaverse. We will have awesome DJs, brought to us by @Isa_Danoninho, and the deep rap of @JohnX. Please, come to Createbase Piers, and check if everything is alright with your work, and meet us there later, on 19th!

The Metaverse DAO is thrilled!

Look, @microchipgnu.


tiger #1 - Mintbase


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Ahoy! Yes indeed, here it goes :slight_smile:

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Is done! Can you confirm for me if it’s right? :slight_smile: Thanks fren!

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Ok, I hope I can do the submission now. First video: Noémia - YouTube and minted "Noémia", by Astrea - Mintbase ;
Second video: Marianne - Lonely (Prod. António Penaguião) - YouTube and minted "Lonely", by Marianne - Mintbase
Do I need to do something more?

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Hi, Mae! We are accepting just one submission, if you dont mind.
Both are wonderful music! <3 We added Lonely, but which one do you prefer?

Ok, you can add only “Lonely”, of course! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks and done. Here’s the link: https://www.mintbase.io/thing/yJ8RnoGEWV7Wp4zAolbLRQy90o2-39jJKNzVc7LbZsQ:nearmetaversehistory.mintbase1.near

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