[PRIZE RESULTS] NEAR Metaverse Prize: submission of candidates (visual art and music)

To develop NEAR presence and boost NEAR artists on Metaverse, and also to build NEAR history on metaverse through art, the Metaverse DAO decided to create a prize for visual artists and musicians. The prize will be hosted together with an art exhibition and a music festival. We have the time to accept 10 submissions of musicians and the space to 30 submissions of visual artists. The winners of each category will receive 30 near, divided in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (30 near for music plus 30 near for visual art).

For you to submit, you just need to send your piece/link here (minted on near or not minted) in the forum as a coment together with your near wallet adress. We will try to accept everybody, but if we have space or time issues, we will have to curate some artists. The selected artists will be able to mint their submissions in our historical store (nearmetaversehistory.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store), if the submission is not a NFT yet. If it is already a NFT, it will be added to the competition, but not to the store. If the contester wants, s/he can send a copy of the submission to metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near, for us to keep as a historical object, never for sale.

Any submission could be selected as a winner from NEAR Metaverse Prize by our jury, composed by the three members of Metaverse DAO council. We will have six winners: 3 musicians and 3 visual artists (1st, 2nd and 3rd places with 15 Near, 10 near and 5 near respectively). The first winners will participate in an interview and will have their art showcased at the 1st number of NEAR Metaverse Magazine.

The exhibition will take place at a Createbase parcel (Createbase Piers - 1 Adalbertstraße - Cryptovoxels) on Cryptovoxels, at December 19th, when we will have our music festival and when winners will be selected. December 15th, we will close the submissions. Submissions for the prize start now.

After the prize, winners will be able to submit a payout proposal to Metaverse DAO.

This is the telegram of our community, in case you have questions or doubts: Telegram: Contact @metaverseguildDAO Feel free to pop in and talk to us.


Hello! This is great thanks for sharing! Is it ok to present music here on its own or would you like a visual element with it too? :blush:


Good question, @mwhyden! We would prefer if your music submission contains some visual elements too, given we want to exhibit it in video on metaverse. But if you dont have a visual element, please upload it on youtube with a cover image/gif/video and submit a youtube link .

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Inter Tribo

nada mais historical do que submeter a música de abertura do meu DJ set na primeira exposição brasileira de criptoarte - Inter Tribo, uma homenagem a Ailton Krenak

nothing more historical than submitting the opening music of my DJ set to the first Brazilian cryptoarte exhibition - Inter Tribo, a tribute to Ailton Krenak


You can see a ladder
You can see a tunnel
You can see the sky
You can see the moon,
or you can see the metaverse.
Come in, go up and peek

Dazo Photographer and Videomaker from Brasil
Twitter: @leandrodazo
Wallet: Dazo.near


Here is a music video for a song I released from my last album. The video is a time-lapse illustration fo my album artwork :slight_smile:

My near wallet address is mwhyden.near

Happy to submit others if this does not suit but I think this could be a fun thing to view for people :slight_smile:


Hi! We’re Mãe Solteira Records, and we’re going to submit some of our releases, we’ll start with “Lonely” by Marianne :slight_smile: Marianne - Lonely (Prod. António Penaguião) - YouTube

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Part of the Adrenal Art series, art created during various adventure sports.

Near wallet: 0xf3691d1cc7f9aaf8170e20bce3cca2b41933cbd3 (BEP20)



Hey, @akizard, thanks for your submission, but I still would need to have your near wallet, on NEAR network, with a near name, following the pattern: name.near
Are you already a NEAR artist? If not, make your wallet here https://wallet.near.org/ and talk to me that I can add you to a store on Mintbase, if you want.

And the other one is “Noémia” by Astrea! Noémia | Astrea

Hope you like it :purple_heart:


Returning as roots, slurping in the universe of Japanese classical art with a hint of urban Brazilian art.

Title of the work: Sumô sumô.
Twitter: @o_japaman
Wallet: japajou.nearstrong text


Title of the work: pixel future
Twitter: @whatshertoes
Wallet: whatshertoes.near

Bit about myself:
Latinx multidisciplinary digital artist from Oakland, CA currently focused on 2D and 3D mediums.
Passionate about video games and coffee.

This piece:
When thinking of the metaverse, we tend to think in multiple dimensions and often forget about the origins of digital art… even before the internet, pixel artwork was being created to breath life into video games.


Hi @thephilosopher, it’s akizard.near
I can’t see a wallet ID

I’ve made an account and posted an NFT as part of a promotion by @dmitryne
although I wouldn’t say I’m a Near active yet as I’m not active there. Yes, let’s have a chat about it.


Oh, no problem, friend. If you can, show me the NFT you minted, and I can find your near wallet adress name.


Cac Bot
I have been graffiting this character on the streets of Rio de Janeiro since 2012 and now they are on the Web3.

My wallet is: becopro.near


Hi everyone! I’m glad to be here!
Here’s my contribution :slight_smile:

+Amor (Love More) glitch sound on

My wallet is klarakopi.near

Thank you!


Thank you for your contribution. Please, Klara, could you post your near wallet too?


I don’t know how to embed videos lol
I tried but didn’t work


Updated it, sorry I forgot :slight_smile:


Thanks, this was minted as part of the promo Pluminite