[PROPOSAL] Metaverse DAO's NFT Collection

Proponent: Metaverse DAO
NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Project Timeline: January 5th – 31th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to build a collection of NFTs for metaverse dao just of NEAR artworks that have been through some metaverse exhibition.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is given by the stimulus it causes in the community, for people to start exhibiting their work on metaverse and look for metaverse experiences. This is important because NEAR is developing its own metaverses, and it would be important for artists to learn how to experience the metaverses. Beyond that, by collecting these NFTs, we satisfiy our historical mission on registering near presence on metaverse, and we stimulate crypto-economy and Mintbase, by helping the NFT artworld on NEAR to flow.

The project: To open a post at the forum and to publicize on telegram and other means our collection building project. Than to buy until 250 usd in near of Mintbase NFTs that were present on metaverse (we have a preference for near metaverses, like NearHub), starting by the cheaper ones until the more expensive ones of 2 near. The artists will submit the Mintbase NFTs at the forum together with a proof of its participation in a metaverse exhibition, and we will buy them in a monthly basis: first we make a metaverse event for artists to submit and know the virtual world, and two weeks later we make the final event where we buy the NFTs (the project for these events are in another post in the forum).


January 5th:

Post in the forum, and publicizing on telegram, discord and twitter that Metaverse DAO is creating a NFT collection and is buying.

January 15th:

Event on metaverse with music and submission of works.

January 29th:

Event on metaverse with music. Collecting NFTs.

January 30th:

Start accountability.


250 usd in NEAR: To collect NFTs from Mintbase artists that already exhibited the submitted art on metaverse.


Final Product: Metaverse DAO’s NFT Collection.

This project is monthly renewable

Metaverse DAO


Project: Completed

Metaverse DAO bought around 22 near of NFTs, from the 23,81 Near we got by trading 250 DAI for it: 10 from Mintbase and 2 from Paras on its buying party on Cryptovoxels, January 30th, 2022. We did not spend the last 1,81 near, because there were no NFT more in that price. The party was a sucess and we could share the resources with the community and bring some artists to metaverse. Maybe we’ve spent 235 usd in near from the 250 in near we requested. We will send these NFTs to astrodao wallet, as soon as this report is accepted.