Portuguese Guild Monthly Report 2021-05

Month: May 2021

Guild Name: Portuguese Guild

May was a slow month for the Portuguese Guild, a lot of members were busy with their job so we can’t deliver so many things, but there are a lot of articles almost ready to be published. Stay tune for June! :wink:

Our main idea today is to create enough content for new blockchain/crypto Portuguese enthusiasts. So translation is our focus right now, but we are already looking ahead to organize or participate in an event.


  • First month with a member actively posting on our Twitter. He posted 20 tweets throughout the month. The idea is to increase the number of tweets over the next few days/months.
  • We fixed a lot of translations on NEAR Wallet. The Wallet is still under construction so there a lot of changes. We already translated it 2 months ago, now we fixed some words and add new translations.
  • A blogpost teaching how to create and manage a NEAR Wallet and how to stake. The idea for June is to create a video to teach how to do it too.
  • A blogpost translation about DeFi. This is an important translation for us because it gives to Portuguese members a better understanding of what are being build on NEAR related to DeFi.

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):

  • The Twitter account (@NearPortugues) has 17 followers.
  • The Telegram group (t.me/near_pt) has 17 members.
  • The Discord server has 16 active members.

Twiter anaytics:
Screenshot from 2021-06-17 08-33-25


Hi @murilooon ! This looks good :+1:
I’d personally love to dive deeper into how we can improve our reach on your Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

Oh and just an FYI! The Community Squad is going through the rewards calculations so we’ll get back to you all through separate calls next week. Sorry for any delays! Talk soon :spiral_calendar:


Hey @murilooon, following up on a couple of emails that were sent to arrange an intro call and to talk through how we can best support you and the Portuguese Guild. These rewards will feature in this conversation as well so please make a call with me here for next week. Looking forward to chatting soon!

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Just replied to you scheduling a meeting for next week, sorry for the delay :wink:

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Hey @murilooon great chatting with you! Following our conversation, I’ve added a “portuguese-guild” tag for your use and to help others find posts related to your Guild and your activities (under the Community->Guilds subcategory, which you’re already using) - feel free to use it every time you post and let your members know as well. Looking forward to seeing your ‘Welcome’ post telling us a bit more about the Portuguese Guild and your goals and plans for the coming months. It will also be great to see how the monthly report for May relates to your Guild’s over-arching goals as well.

Lastly, the rewards calculations will be coming your way soon for May (@jcatnear @3UN1C3) bearing in mind this be changing next month as we install our DAO verticals. Once those rewards are calculated your current SputnikDAO proposal on the CommunitySquad DAO (if the payout matches) will be voted through or you will be asked to re-submit.


Hi @murilooon, as @mecsbecs mentioned, for the next month, we’re moving to the DAO verticals. As we transition into that process, feel free to ping any of us if you need help figuring things out, but otherwise, anything that doesn’t fall under the verticals can be handled by the community squad dao.

And for this month, I’ve seen your proposal on the DAO and have voted it through. Cheers! :slight_smile: