Portuguese Guild Monthly Report 2021-03

Month: March 2021

Guild Name: Portuguese Guild

Monthly Highlights

  • Created a logo for the Guild (check here)
  • Translated 100% of the NEAR Wallet to Portuguese
  • Created Twitter account for the guild to post news in local language
  • Encouraged 6 members to join the NEAR Certified Developer Program

Blog Post:(Please insert links)

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):

  • The Twitter account (@NearPortugues) has 8 followers.
  • The Telegram group (t.me/near_pt) has 8 members.
  • The Discord server has 12 active members.


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awesome :slight_smile: I’m brazilian and I’m very happy to see a project that aims to spread the opportunities in portuguese!


Hi there!

Great to see that there is a project with a focus on the Portuguese crowd!
Our Guild [Arroz Criativo] is based in Lisbon/Portugal, it would be great to team up!