Portuguese Guild Monthly Report 2021-07

Guild Name: Portuguese Guild

Guild DAO: Portuguese Guild SputnikDAO

Guild Timeline: July 1st to July 31th


In July we just translated a documentation page that teaches how to run a validator node. We were focusing on organizing the platform that we use to translate (Crowdin), will discuss it in the Organization section.

  • Translated Run a Validator Node - waiting to be added to the documentation - 30N

Also, we started a branding guideline, to create a more unique and professional view of our guild and the content we create. You can take a sneak here. We will finish it in August. - 15N


  • In July, we had 2 practical meetings to share and learn about NEAR. In the first, 2 members shared how to create a smart contract with AssemblyScript, using the contract done in the NEAR Certified Developer Program. The second meeting was to learn together how to run a validator node locally. 5 members participated in each event. - 60N (30N for each practical meeting)

  • We created a youtube video teaching how to create a NEAR wallet, we are editing it right now, to publish in early August. Then we will create another teaching on how to stake NEAR tokens. - 30N


  • In July we reorganize the entire platform that we use for translations. We made it generic and simple so other guilds can easily translate it into their mother tongue. Here is the Crowdin, the platform we use to translate, that you can ask us to add your language so you can start translating too. And here is the Github project integrated to the Crowdin that you can find all the files, some FAQ and tables with the available contents to translate. So the idea is that everyone can use the same platform to translate, making it fast, simple, and easy. - 30N


Twitter: 21 followers
Telegram: 22 members
Discord: 18 members

Twitter summary: For July we tweeted almost every day, increased the impressions and the profile visited compared to last month. 30N for the active member that tweet


Next Steps

  • Post the youtube video created last month. Film and post the next one that explains how to stake.
  • Add as much content (documentation, blogposts, news) as possible in the Crowdin. Them, post in the NEAR forum so other guilds can use the platform to translate.
  • Teaching more members how to code in the NEAR Blockchain. In August we will try to understand and run the SputnikDAO smart contract and something else that we didn’t decide yet haha
  • Finish the Art Guideline for videos and publications.

Thanks for this report @murilooon!

It’s great to see you’re steadily putting out this educational content in different formats for Portuguese-speaking NEARians. I especially like that you’re planning on using Crowdin for everyone to post translated content in their respective languages. Looking forward to seeing that YouTube video.

You should definitely look at getting your Portuguese-translated materials into the NEAR Wiki. Come talk to the new NEARverse Portal (Wiki) Guild to ensure they’re included in the education-related materials they’re working to source and include in this living information repository.