Portuguese Guild Monthly Report 2021-04

Month: April 2021

Guild Name: Portuguese Guild

Monthly Highlights

The last month was to organize the guild:

  • Creating our on Notion
  • Organizing our active members
  • Creating a kanban with a weekly meeting to talk about what we did and what are the next steps.
  • Creating our own DAO and selecting councils

Also, we had some highlights:

  • Selected a member to actively share news in our Twitter account in portuguese (will start in May)
  • 3 members finished the NEAR Certified Developer Program on April and other 3 will do it in the middle of May
  • The 3 members that finished the NEAR CDP started creating a tutorial for the smart contract that they built
  • Finished translate the main blog post using crowdin. You can check it here
  • Others 3 translations are in progress here

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):

  • The Twitter account (@NearPortugues) has 11 followers.
  • The Telegram group (t.me/near_pt) has 10 members.
  • The Discord server has 15 active members.

Hi @murilooon
Thanks for organizing the Portuguese Guild, we are looking forward to doing awesome things in Portugal. Let’s connect and schedule a call!


Awesome, join our Telegram here so we can talk easily and schedule a call! :wink:

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I love the organization efforts (I just joined the Telegram group as well)! Hope to see more of your activities in the future :raised_hands:

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