Portuguese Guild Monthly Report 2021-06

Guild Name: Portuguese Guild

Guild DAO: Portuguese Guild SputnikDAO

Guild Timeline: June 1st to June 30th


This month we finished our main translations! If you speak Portuguese and want to know about NEAR, the news, and how to start coding, we now have the minimum necessary for you to jump in! Just check out Medium here.


  • In June, we started a biweekly meeting to learn, code, and develop together on NEAR. It was awesome, and we want to continue doing it for July, this time recording and publishing on Youtube (or a live video). 30N to divide for members that participated


  • We are organizing a better and easy way to distribute $NEAR for contributor members using Notion Sheets and them paying by SputnikDAO:

  • We are talking to Brazilian communities to share what we are doing and grow our community.
  • Talking with Makers (a Brazilian community) to have a NEAR Coding Workshop in the Hacktoberfest.


Twitter: 18 followers
Telegram: 17 members
Discord: 17 members

Twitter summary: We tweeted less than last month, so we got fewer impressions and profile visits. For July, we established a goal to tweet at least once a day. 15N for the active member that tweet

Next Steps

  • Create youtube videos explaining about NEAR and a few introductions, also about Portuguese Guild too.
  • Post more topics in the NEAR forum, introducing our Guild and our future ideas.
  • Teaching more members how to code in the NEAR Blockchain.
  • Create an Art Guideline for videos and publications.

Thank you Murilo for the detailed report!

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Hi @murilooon - saw the target address for this payout proposal to the CommunitySquad SputnikDAO was incorrect the first time and so you have reposted. We’ll work on getting that voted through!

Starting next month, it would be great to see future proposals paid through a Portuguese Guild SputnikDAO (or whatever name version you choose) instead of being paid out to personal wallets. Then the whole Guild leadership team can participate in the governance and funding structure of your Guild!

Here’s the process for setting up a SputnikDAO:

(and if you need assistance @frnvpr & @JulianaM are already SputnikDAO pros :wink:)


yep murilo just say so! Estás à vontade :wink:

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Thanks for pointing it out @mecsbecs - we encourage all guilds to put their proposal forward with their Sputnik.DAO address. In a month all our payouts will be directed only to other DAOs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: