OWS Quality Control Guidelines

As Sandbox is rapidly growing and gaining more and more attention from the community, there is a need to ensure that all produced content is being created to the benefit of the NEAR ecosystem. The OWS Team is introducing a new set of guidelines that will increase the overall content quality and allow a better learning curve for the Sandboxers. While providing a clear picture of the requirements all the OWS content has to meet in order to be rewarded, present guidelines will help the OWS team (and anyone from the NEARverse who might be interested in the internal quality control norms) to assess the real value certain content pieces bring into our international community. That being said, decentralized means “coming from all over the globe” which has certain implications on how value is being understood in different parts of the planet.

This is the first attempt of the OWS to consolidate different (cultural) perspectives into a solid understanding of what is good and what is bad. I would like to emphasize the fact that the OWS will continue raising standards to ensure we only get the best results. We are actively working on accumulating feedback across different layers of the NEARverse and implementing it accordingly. Please do reach out to @mecsbecs @vrdoingthings or myself if you are interested in contributing to the different OWS arms and/or have constructive feedback on improvement.

Guidelines listed below are effective immediately. These guidelines are of mandatory character, i.e. the OWS moderators reserve the right to decline the payout request should they, at their sole discretion, deem any submitted content not to be in compliance with the guidelines listed below. The guidelines are subject to change from time to time.

*Note: Separate gratitude to @coyotefugly from the Swine Guild for providing assistance with meme regulation norms. Looking forward to seeing more materials on how to create really cool ones!

1. Content Creation:

Focus Area DO’S DONT’S
Text Content

1. Try to narrate, to create a story out of your piece (good examples of 4NTS Guild on how to create a nice story: example1 and example2

2. Use tweets and quotes of experts in the field and crypto OGs

3. Use other relevant materials from the crypto space

4. Hyperlink sources

5. Avoid long sentences


1. Use content (text, images, video, gif) to clearly communicate a complete idea or set of ideas in a humorous and entertaining way

2. Use new/trending language and images OR old meme images in a new, more relevant way, OR use your own found images/content that hasn’t been memed yet

3. Use types of humour that may range from simple to complex - should not be so simple that it isn’t funny (unless that’s part of the humour) but should not be so complex that it’s too hard to understand (unless that’s somehow part of the humour)

4. Make sure your memes make sense to the members of the NEAR community, those who haven’t heard of NEAR yet, or both

5. Make sure any displayed information is accurate (unless some kind of dramatization or exaggeration is part of the humour)

6. Your content has to be approved by the community: a minimum of 3 likes per meme (excluding your own) posted is a basic eligibility requirement

1. Base-level content that has no deeper meaning or cleverness to it (unless that’s part of the humour)

2. Extremely irrelevant to the point where it’s not sufficiently communicating anything about NEAR or the related subject

3. Create inappropriate content that might be extremely offensive or trigger someone (for example memes based on racial, sexual, religious or any other discrimination or oversexualized content)

1. Make sure your video content is of a good technical quality (no zapping or noise in the background)

2. The video you create has to bring value to the community and either be educative or entertaining

3. Make sure your content is unique: check if the video you plan to make has already been made by someone else (for example no need to create yet another ‘How to make a NEAR wallet’ video, there are plenty of those already. Exception: if you translate a certain video into another language)

4. Your content has to be approved by the community: a minimum of 5 likes per video (excluding your own) is a basic eligibility requirement

5. If you are creating a tutorial or a review, minimal duration of such video should be at least 3 minutes

1. Avoid making videos of an elementary level: recording your screen and laying the music over is not sufficient to be rewarded

1. Help the audience to interpret complicated information through visual support and/or storytelling

2. Do your due diligence: check your data and avoid using information that hasn’t been confirmed by official sources

3. Make sure your infographics are meaningful to the community and cover recent and ‘hot’ topics
1. Avoid overloading your infographic: presented data must remain visually clear. Huge chunks of text in small font must be avoided

2. Pasting a text or a logo over a background/image is NOT an infographic.

3. Consistent aesthetics are encouraged but do not abuse identical design templates

Great improvements :+1:


Will it be applied right this month?

These guidelines are really reasonable and necessary for the future of the Sandbox. Thank you for bringing this up!


Yes, these guidelines are effective immediately


Glad we could be of service! The Sandbox is always looking to improve and provide community standards that bring nothing but positive energy and interaction in the community. Swine Guild will be sharing our full guild meme guidelines this week :slight_smile: thankful we get to work with the best!