Rewards system modifications of the Open Web Sandbox

Dear everyone,

Last Thursday we have asked everyone to temporarily pause your activity related to the rolling opportunities and to wait until we will be able to clarify the new payout conditions. We highly appreciate your patience and are ready to clarify new adjustments.

As per our monthly report, we have emphasized the fact that one of the core goals of the Sandbox is to provide Sandboxers with the opportunity to engage with the existing NEAR projects that need extra support. So far, various projects have been supporting us with special opportunities such as social media promotion and content creation, and we are excited to announce more unique opportunities in the coming weeks. With the Open Web Sandbox exponentially growing and attracting more talented crypto enthusiasts, our best effort as OWS moderators will be to ensure Sandboxers have the chance to collaborate with the most cutting edge dApps of the NEAR Ecosystem. Stay tuned to our weekly AMA to learn more about which projects are involved and check #project-channel regularly to not miss anything!

Additionally, we have learned that NEAR Core will be requiring Guilds to arrange their payouts tied to the USD instead of NEAR (cc: @Grace). Following this new policy, the funds’ distribution of the OWS will be changed accordingly. Starting with the new list of the rolling opportunities, OWS will have fixed rewards in USD and will require contributors to post their reward claims in USD as well. This being said, the good news is that regardless of the market fluctuations, you will have financial security for your reward payouts.

Considering this change, the reward claiming process has been slightly adjusted as well. Firstly, we will be working with strict deadlines as of now to ensure fair and smooth reward distribution. Secondly, we would like to stress the fact that a primary approval of your claim by one of the OWS moderators remains mandatory and proposals submitted to the OWS DAO without this approval will be voted down. Please find more detailed information on how to claim your rewards here: The Sandbox SputnikDAO Guide for Claiming Rewards

As for the general rolling opportunities, we have noticed that many Sandboxers are seriously involved with the standard tasks. As mentioned above, the OWS prioritizes project support and therefore the maximum reward amount of 300 USD per contributor per month will be introduced for rolling opportunities as of September. That means that you can still engage with any of the opportunities from the list of rolling opportunities but the total amount cannot exceed 300 USD. Keep in mind that this modification is only applicable to the tasks from the list of rolling opportunities. When it comes to projects you can engage with as many as you want with no restrictions!

This measure will provide additional space and motivation for contributors to engage with the projects and create equal opportunities for everyone who is willing to join the OWS.

These are the new updates we had to share, so please take your time going through them and you may continue all the work you have been busy with. In case you have any questions, you can always reach out to me or @Sofia_Alum and of course, you are always welcome to pose your questions during our weekly AMA sessions.

Glad to have you all on board and thank you for your incredible engagement!

Sincerely yours,

OWS team


This could have been 100 N instead of 300 USD…

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Since the payout is in USD, the maximum amount is expressed in USD as well. Please note that this maximum amount is only relevant for the tasks from the list of rolling opportunities, you are more than welcome to engage with projects and do more :slight_smile:

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But it’s difficult to get updates of the projects.Can you give us some opportunities…

Everything related to the projects is posted on our project opportunities channel on discord. Besides, people who initiate the opportunities are always tagged so that you can reach out to them in case something isn’t clear. Additionally to that, we organize weekly AMA sessions where projects explain their expectations and other information related to these opportunities. And of course there is a general chat where people can ask questions and discover more possibilities.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve out communication related to the project opportunities, we would like to hear them :slight_smile:

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Really, I see very limited opportunities in the project profile and they are mostly like competition kind of tasks, no real way to utilise our potential…!


I think OWS should raise the standard for each product to get reward, for example, raise the standard for writing, meme , graphics or videos, such as images, interaction, meaning,… instead of limiting the contribution of each person, this plan just bring a short term interaction to many people but won’t find the one who spend time, have quality skill to work in longterm, many people can make a few products to get Near and do that again nextmonth, it will not improve the quality of the product, bring the real value for Near Comunity, the one who work in long term will easier to join AMA, to find out all the thing about Near Protocol and they will upgrade their skill each day to engage project. Near Edu Or Near Learn is maked also because of this purpose, to attract people who will contribute in longterm, upgrade their skill by guilde them to do the more better products, so i think this plan make who want to make a long-term contribution are fell not happy to stay or contribute,


@AnhKhoa point point…! Fact fact…!


I must agree with guy… the restrictions are to be made on quality of the content instead on reward.


There is a monthly limit of 300 USD reward per contributor per month. LOL! I make 300 USD in four days. And that too while working in a grocery store. So that means I have only work for four days in a month for NEARprotocol ?

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Amazing Facts. Agree

There is a couple of projects running at the moment and there are more to be launched in the nearest time. Keep an eye on that channel to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities!


We implemented both maximum amount and quality control regulations.
Our team believes that there are plenty of ways to engage with the NEAR protocol through OWS and rolling opportunities are not entirely excluded, it’s just that our focus is currently shifting towards the support for the projects within the ecosystem.


Please keep in mind that this cap is only applicable to the rolling opportunities. If you wish to make more, you can do so by engaging with one of the project opportunities.

The same goes for you @John_w

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Please, let’s stay respectful towards each other.

Our budget is already growing and these actions are a conscious choice that we make in favour of project support. Our team believes that supporting projects within the NEAR ecosystem will maximize the value created by the OWS.


ok, not happy to hear this but anyway, i have to accepted. Now i finish my roiling opportunity this month so I want to countribute in project, i already pm to Blaze to work for him but seem like he is too busy, the task working on guild still not clearly, i dont know where to start, if you want me to work in project, i need you support us in make the task of things to do.

Agree, when we try to connect with the project profile opportunity, response is very very slow. I observed project opportunities they are limiting to one or two people alone to engage. They are not interested in with many people we approach…!

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Great improvements :+1:

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I agree, the guilds have their own people, people from the Internet are not allowed there.

And how are you going to pay out the rewards? Today a person presents at the NEAR course - 7$. You check it, approve it within two days, and after the 2nd NEAR course, it is already 5$ and the person gets less than he should have. Don’t you think this is some kind of nonsense? And the most important thing. Why then do we need NEAR? If a person receives a reward in dollars, then what does the token and its development have to do with it. How will a person associate their contribution with NEAR, the token is just a shim between receiving a reward?

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