Opportunities for writers in the NEAR ecosystem

Hello everyone! I’m Aria, also known as @Ladevochka on Twitter. I’ve been working as a content writer for 4NTs and a freelance writer for different protocols and projects for over a year now. I’ve got over sixty articles under my belt and experience in technical writing, copywriting, and more.

I’ve recently been overwhelmed by requests to write content for various projects on the ecosystem. This made me realize that the demand for writers in space is not being met and that I am in a unique position to do something about this.

If you are or know anyone who is interested in writing in crypto, I would love to work with them to onboard. I was in a similar situation when I first started, so I can provide training, guidance, and networking opportunities to match writers with different projects. If you are a writer (about anything!) that struggles to find opportunities, or if you are an aspiring crypto writer, please DM me!

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ladevochka
Twitter: @ladevochka


hello! I will message you on Telegram if that’s ok


Nice to meet you Aria. I’ve seen some some high quality visuals on your twitter. Why don’t you post here some of your old works links. I think it will give people better idea what you’re capable of
and you may want to add #jobs tag for this post.


Hey, @Aria . I’m a big fan of your works and your articles have been a great resource for myself and other community members especially the “Keeping up with DeFi evolution on NEAR” series. Recently learnt of the women of NEAR series so far and I’m loving it.

Some community members reach out to me from time to time on how that can start creating content, I’d be sure to send them your way moving forward.


This is a great proposal and I am very interested, I am a professional editor and in fact I generate content for some digital newspapers, with which I will be very attentive to see what the result of this fantastic post will be. Here is a writer present!

Annex one of my articles that I wrote with @LuisAponte99 : ¡NEAR para Diplomáticos!. ¡Un espacio para aprender sobre la… | by NearVenezuela | Nov, 2021 | Medium

@Aria @kodandi @KriptoRaptor @simeon4real / It would be wonderful to integrate all the writers of the ecosystem!


Hi, Excellent. I am a biologist/botanist. I am interested in learning and participating in your proposal. I have already sent you a message by Telegram. :heart_eyes:


I tried sending DM but your privacy settings don’t allow me.

My telegram username is @israel_igboze


Hi @Aria

Nice to meet you and Happy New Year

I’m glad to you spot opportunities in the NEAR ecosystem

Indeed, such good writers as @antoniopeascanio @AndreaB794 @medicenmariale and specially @Nicolasp2 as a universitarian professor specialized in the creation of content tasks.

Like myself, I specialized in topics as Security, Defense and Geopolitics, if you are interested, we can reach out to know more about our experience in the field.

Let us know what do you think.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Hello Aria I tried sending you a message on Telegram but it’s not working.
Can you please send me a direct to my Telegram @Favour_Ade


Hello ! Thanks for the opportunity, we should all find ways to cross collaborate and show all the work and content that is being created from the NEAR community.

This is my Medium: https://fritzmwagner.medium.com

I will love to be helpfu, and I will tag here content creator I know: @Nicolasp2


I am a writter. I am a philosophy university professor, I have 8 published books on philosophy, and I coordinate a translation collection from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, funded by John Templeton Foundation.

This is the series I coordinate: Série Investigação Filosófica – NEPFIL online

I also have more than 25 academic papers.



Saludos, muy buena propuesta, estoy ingresando al ecosistema y me interesa adentrarme en la generación de contenido escrito, generalmente escribo artículos sobre política, leyes y Estado, más me interesa el tema de criptoactivos.

Greetings, very good proposal, I am entering the ecosystem and I am interested in getting into the generation of written content, I generally write articles on politics, laws and the State, I am more interested in the topic of crypto assets

Arie thats a good work and i will like to join you bro, am also into content creation i work with spore network, an i will want to join you with a friend she is a certify copywritter she do some frelancer work but not on any work now, if you will like to work with her.

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same here bro i think he should deactivate the setting and make it open.

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Hi @Aria I am totally interested in this. I have a vast wealth of experience writing for numerous crypto startups.

Here is my medium page : https://ubong-ephraim.medium.com
And here is my recent article on Aurora : Aurora-The jewel of NEAR Protocol | by Ubong Ephraim | Jan, 2022 | Medium

You can contact me @ubongj on telegram as I can only message mutual contacts

¡Que emoción leer este post! Soy escritora de un libro infantil y de diversos artículos sobre derechos humanos y problemáticas sociales, estoy a la disposición por acá :purple_heart:

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Hello @Aria. I would like to know more about it.