[Open Challenge Payout] Marma J Foundation - MetaBUDL

The Marma J Foundation contributed to the MetaBUDL Hackathon by sponsoring an Open Challenge.

Video Overview of Challenge: Marma J Guides: MetaBUDL Challenge Overview

There have been a few developers in the community that have been attempting the bounty over the past couple of weeks, and we believe that we have a working submission.

The Github Repo: https://github.com/QuicSwap/near-multicall
SptunkinDAOv2 Call (testnet): SputnikDAO 2
Transaction on Explorer (testnet): NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Following the outline of this post: [Open Call] Challenge Partners for MetaBUIDL (Aug27-Sep12) the Marma J DAO would like to be able to award whoever wins the challenge (provides the most efficient solution to the proposed challenge) with the $5,000 in NEAR at the end of the hackathon.

The Marma J DAO will also award every unique submission with $1000 in $marmaj tokens (~70 $marmaj)

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