[APPROVED] Guide for Marma J DAO Proposal Submission

There is currently a bounty to create guides to support the Marma J Foundation: [Bounty] Blog Post / Guide - marmaj x NEAR - 15 marmaj tokens

To support the marmaj community in completing the bounty more efficiently, I decided to create this guide on the forums: [Guide] Marma J DAO Proposal Submission Guide

@bianca then turned it into a blog and posted it to the marmaj website:

This proposal is for the bounty of 15 $marmaj

Since @bianca and I both worked on this post, I am requesting to submit two payout proposals

  1. 7.5 marmaj → bianca.near
  2. 7.5 marmaj → chloe.near

This proposal has now been [APPROVED].

@bianca / @chloe, please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the marmaj DAO for 7.5 marmaj.